Michelle Pfeiffer's New Fragrances Are Gorgeous Inside and Out

Michelle Pfeiffer’s New Fragrances Are Gorgeous Inside and Out

You won’t believe what went into Michelle Pfeiffer’s fragrance collection, Henry Rose — but let’s start with what didn’t make the cut. The five-fragrance line is completely free of chemicals deemed harmful by the Environmental Working Group (EWG). As someone who sits on the board of the EWG — a nonprofit that aims to identify harmful chemicals in household products — Pfeiffer worked to create fragrances that abide by its standards of keeping out chemicals that are free of “health or contamination concerns.”

For the actual scents of each perfume, Pfeiffer also collaborated with International Flavors and Fragrances Inc. in order to create each blend. Each one has a mysteriously alluring name: Last Night (an earthy, floral scent), Torn (a floral fragrance sweetened with vanilla and swirled with spice), Dark Is Night (a blend of patchouli and vanilla), Fog (which smells of vetiver and musk), and Jake’s House (a neroli and musk mix). They are all housed in minimalist bottles that retail for $120 or in sample-size spritzers in a discovery set that costs $20.

Ahead, see all five fragrances, which are available on the brand’s website.

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