Makeup Artist Nam Vo’s Famous “Dewy Dumpling” Glow Starts With Skin Care

Nam Vo’s “Dewy Dumpling” Glow

“It’s plump, moist, delicious, and cute” — this might sound like makeup artist Nam Vo is describing a dumpling you’d want to eat, but she’s actually describing what her signature “Dewy Dumpling” glow looks like. Even if you have never heard of Vo, you’ve likely seen one of her glistening makeup looks on your Instagram feed.

The pro makeup artist has created high-shine looks for celebrities and campaigns in beauty and fashion editorials for more than 10 years. To find out exactly how to re-create the same glowy skin effect at home, we sat down with Vo at a recent Beauty by POPSUGAR event at Macy’s in NYC’s Herald Square for her best tips. Read on to learn more.

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