Lili Reinhart Wore a Bouquet of Flowers on Her Head to the Met Gala, and Now We Want to, Too

Lili Reinhart Wore a Bouquet of Flowers on Her Head to the Met Gala, and Now We Want to, Too

We’ve seen a lot of showstopping hair looks on the Met Gala pink carpet thus far, including a head full of mini bows from the iconic Lady Gaga and a Gucci rhinestone ponytail from Ashley Graham. Adding to the list of double-take-worthy hairstyles is the pretty pink orchid-filled hairstyle from Lili Reinhart. Created by celebrity hairstylist David Stanwell for Dove, the look was aptly deemed the “Lili Marie” — an ode to former Queen of France Marie Antoinette’s elaborate hairstyles.

“Planning Lili’s look the last few weeks alongside her and the other stylists has been incredibly collaborative, and the look we’ve crafted is to die for,” Stanwell said in a press release. “The inspiration for Lili’s look is Marie Antoinette meets Versailles, which plays off her epic Ferragamo dress. To match the vibe of the dress and play on the Marie Antoinette look, we swept hair up into a fabulous updo with intricate flowers for an absolutely gorgeous overall look.”

To build up the height of Reinhart’s hair, Stanwell used Dove Style+Care Compressed Micro Mist Extra Hold Hairspray. “It’s important to prep the foundation of the hair so strands don’t fall out throughout the night or lose the Versailles effect we were going for,” he said. “I brought all hair to the crown of the head where I pinned the hair high up top to build the shape.” For the final touch, he intricately pinned orchids around the side of her head for an “added wow moment.”

To get the look at home (perhaps with loose curls or a casual updo), we encourage you to take a trip to your nearest flower shop for an on-trend, celeb-approved style. Ahead, scroll through for all of the floral hair inspo you could ever need — and if you’re looking for us, we’re at our local bodega.

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