Kylie Cosmetics’ Holiday Lip Trio Is Only Available At ONE Place

If you think Kylie Cosmetics is only available online, there’s some major news coming your way. The Kylie Jenner led brand has officially made its way into Ulta Beauty, and its releasing its first exclusive product. The Kylie Cosmetics’ limited edition Holiday Bundle isn’t being sold online at the brand’s website. Instead, there’s only ONE place to get it, and by now, you probably know where that is.

Just in case you hadn’t heard, Kylie Cosmetics is officially available in Ulta stores. The November Ulta launch sent lip kit lovers into retail stores to get their favorite shades. Now, Kylie Cosmetics will be sending them back to get Jenner’s limited edition Holiday Lip Trio.

Until now, all of Jenner’s products have been sold exclusively at Kylie Cosmetics. There has been no product that hasn’t been offered through the site. Now, that’s changing. Fans can only get their hands on the Holiday Lip Trio at Ulta stores and at Ulta online. For fans of the retailer, though, that could be good news. If you’re an Ulta regular and part of their rewards program, you could be scoring money off this limited edition set that you wouldn’t be getting at Kylie Cosmetics website.

What’s in the bundle and how much is it?

According to the Kylie Cosmetics Instagram page, the Holiday Lip Trio includes three different lippies in three different formulas. Inside, fans will find the popular Posie K velvet lip, One Wish matte, and Cupcake gloss. Basically, it’s all the colors you need if you love a neutral look. With Posie K’s cool mauve pink, One Wish’s peach tone, and Cupcake gloss’s neutral pink, all three of the shades inside the trio would be perfect for yourself or a friend.

The shades inside aren’t the only great thing about this trio, though. Like most of Jenner’s bundles and trio products, you’ll be scoring a discount by buying them together. If you purchased all three lippies separately, you’d end up with a $48 price tag. Thanks to the trio, you’ll save $12 and pay just $36 for all three. That’s only $12 per lippie when they typically retail for around $17.

The one bit of bad news about the Holiday Trio and Ulta is that the trio is not part of Jenner’s 2018 holiday collection. In fact, none of those items are currently sold at Ulta. You can only snag the Chill Baby Kylie Cosmetics collection on her website.

Don’t be too bummed, though. Jenner has explained on social media that while some of her most popular lip kits are the only items at Ulta right now, the brand has plans to quickly add more Kylie Cosmetics products to the Ulta roster. If you’ve ever wanted to swatch a Kyshadow palette or a Kylighter shade before you bought it, you could be getting your chance soon.

For now, though, if you want to shop the Kylie Cosmetics limited edition Holiday Lip Trio, head into your local Ulta store or pick it up online. With a discount and three gorgeous shades, you definitely need it (even if you did do major damage during Black Friday).

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