It Took a New Body Exfoliator for Me to Understand Why So Many Celebrities Love This Skincare Brand

Celebrity skincare secrets are like designer purses. They’re fun to look at…until you see the price tag. I mean, $98 for a cleanser? I’m good with my Cerave, thanks. 

However, I have found a new product from a celeb-backed brand that’s worth every penny. It combats and treats tough-to-treat conditions like keratosis pilaris and ingrown hairs — two glorious situations I’ve dealt with for a good chunk of my life. 

The new Alpha Beta Exfoliating Body Treatment from Dr. Dennis Gross is a use-anywhere (except your face) product that’s designed to get rid of annoying bumps and dryness on your arms, legs, and bikini line. The brand is known for having many celebrity fans, including Chrissy Teigen, who swears by the wrinkle-fighting exfoliating pads, and Emily Ratajkowski, who uses the brand’s anti-aging moisturizer for her “freaked out” quarantine skin. 

I never would’ve thought that a wipe, would get rid of these annoyances for good, especially when it seemed to be from one of these “magical” celeb-loved brands that are almost always too good to be true. But after using it once, I could tell this body exfoliator was the real deal. 

Made with skincare favorites like anti-aging glycolic acid, lactic acid, and salicylic acid, the wipes are designed to get rid of everything from dark spots to wrinkles to ingrown hairs. These AHAs and BHAs gently exfoliate the outermost layer of skin to strip away dead cells and deeply hydrate the inner layers. This helps with basically every skincare concern out there, from zits to KP. 

After one use, I could tell the difference in how my skin looked and felt. My legs and arms often have red bumps from KP, and I saw those blemishes diminish and felt them smooth out in a day. As a skeptic of all things, I considered it a placebo effect, but a few days later I used the wipes again to find even more noticeable results. 

I’m prone to ingrown hairs around my bikini line, especially following shaving, so I used this exfoliator immediately after. The next day, I awoke to no new ingrown hairs, and one that diminished almost entirely. This is when I began to think that EmRata and Chrissy Teigen were onto something. 

It’s been a few months of using the wipes twice a week, and my skin has completely changed. My legs and arms are smooth, my bikini line has no ingrown hair bumps, and the dryness that usually comes with winter has held off. 

And for the record, there’s no weird peeling or shedding that comes after using these exfoliating wipes. They’re incredibly gentle on my dry, sensitive skin, and work so well that they can take the place of lotion.

My favorite thing about this product is there’s no guesswork involved when you’re using it. Unlike other solutions I’ve tried like oils, scrubs, or even homemade remedies, I’ve never wondered if I’m using enough of the treatment since the exact amount of solution is absorbed in each pad. All I have to do is rub the wipes on my clean, dry skin post-shower until the liquid is on my body. I know I’m done when the pads are dry and my skin is shimmering with hydration. 

The box of exfoliating wipes comes in two sizes — a mini with two towels for $16, and a normal size that comes with eight for $58, so you’ll save a little more on the bigger one.

For skeptics and celebrity skincare lovers alike, I’d recommend this product in a heartbeat. It’s the closest thing to magic I’ve tried. Not to mention, the closest thing I’ve got in common with EmRata and Chrissy. 

If getting rid of crepey skin, blemishes, KP, or ingrown hairs is your concern, shop the link below. 

Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Alpha Beta® Exfoliating Body Treatment

Shop now: $58; 

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