I Tried This Beauty Fridge From Target, and It's 100% Worth the Hype For Skin-Care Lovers

I Tried This Beauty Fridge From Target, and It’s 100% Worth the Hype For Skin-Care Lovers

You might think of a mini fridge as a place to store your sodas, but beauty experts will tell you there’s an even better use for the fun little appliance. Storing your skin-care products in a cold place can help their longevity by slowing them from spoiling over time. Also, cold products will help to depuff your face faster. Clearly it’s a must have for beauty-lovers, which is why I was so thrilled when I saw this beauty fridge ($80) from the new Disney Princess x POPSUGAR Happily Ever Home collection at Target.

I got to test the fridge out, and spoiler alert: it’s been a week and I’m already obsessed. Keeping my skin-care essentials cool helps me instantly wake up in the morning before early meetings when I have to be on camera. It’s also awesome for hot summer days when I want to give myself to a treatment to cool down.

On top of being useful, keeping this fridge in my apartment is such a cute touch. The pop of pink makes me smile every time I walk by it. You can customize your fridge with the fun sticker packs it comes with or keep it minimal, the vibe is totally up to you. Keep reading to get all the details on my new favorite product, and grab one for yourself before it sells out.

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