I Have Straight, Asian Lashes, and This Mascara Lifts and Curls Them

I’m Asian-American, and the women in my family and I share the same struggle: our eyelashes are straight and wispy and (for the most part) point downward. Mine are actually so thin that many lengthening mascaras on the market have proven to be too heavy, leaving my lashes with the three “umps”: slumped, clumpy, and stumpy.

While venting about this to another Asian-American friend, she pulled up a picture of the Wander Unlashed Volume and Curl Mascara ($24) on her phone. “It’s amazing — it just makes my lashes look so much longer,” she said. It didn’t take much convincing after that. I got my hands on a tube of the stuff and pulled the gold handle from the squeezable body.

For something that was supposed to transform my lashes, I expected some innovative brush tip. Instead, I found a pretty mundane one — there were zero gimmicks, no weird wand, and no spiky bristles. It only had a slight curve at the end, and it turns out that was all I needed. Combined with a buildable formula, I went from having barely there hairs to fanned-out fringe in just a few swipes. The mascara dries down quickly without clumping or feeling too heavy. To apply, I wiggled the brush slowly up my lashes in a back and forth motion, using the tip of the wand to define the outer corners. With just one coat, they looked visibly longer, lifted, and separated. Three more coats gave me extra long, fluttering lashes that had a slight curl.

Wander Unlashed Volume and Curl Mascara is a lash curler, mascara, and miracle-worker in one — keeping my lashes in line.

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