Getting nail art of your SO's initials is the new manicure trend

We can’t quite decide if this is cute or cringe.

There’s a new nail art trend that’s seeing people getting their partner’s initials on one or multiple nails.

The romantic gesture is set to be more popular over the coming year too, as people look for new ways to make their nail designs unique.

Founder & Creative Director of nail haven Townhouse, Juanita Huber-Millet, tells us: ‘Having your nails on point is a powerful statement of style and minimal nail art looks are all over social media right now.

‘We adore the popular trend of sporting your initials or your partners on your nail.

‘Initials are a chic eye-catching and super trendy way to elevate your mani.’

It’s easy for this look to veer on tacky over stylish, but Juanita says the key is to pair the initials with something neutral.

‘A sheer base colour of milky white, soft pink or neutral tone with delicate contrasting letters works well,’ she says.

‘Less is more with this design – we would suggest an accent of one to two nails per hand, the thumb or ring finger are most suited to initials.

‘Pair with a french mani for a super stylish and chic twist.’

And of course, if you don’t fancy including your SO’s initials on your nails, you could try your own, your bestie’s – or any other word.

This trend also speaks to the rise in popularity of minimal tattoos.

Nail art can be a fun way to ‘try out’ the minimal tattoo trend in non-permanent way.

Juanita says it’s best to do this look with gel polish, as normal polish won’t allow for the same accuracy. And if you can’t get to a salon, there’s always nail stickers.

‘Nails have really become the new accessory – no matter whether you go for a bold look with italic font or delicate gold script, this look will ensure you look stylish throughout the season,’ she adds.

These are some font types to consider.

To book in for nail art initials at one of the Townhouse salons select Bespoke Nail Art.

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