Get Into Ghost Elektra's Incredible Drag!

Today’s Cosmo Queens should be considered extra special since our guest Ghost Elektra joined us virtually from Paris (!!!) Plus, even though pink isn’t her usual color, she succumbed to the power of fuchsia and came out looking INCREDIBLE.

In her own words, Ghost describes her go-to drag aesthetic as “the perfect frontier between science-fiction, fetish, and glamour. Ghost Elektra is a 1980s bombshell turned superhero who came right out of the Matrix. If that’s confusing for you, then look at my Instagram and you’ll understand!”

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Sci-fi glamour is def how I’d categorize Ghost’s fit here, which was designed by her friend Nikola Barbir. Everything from the flame details to the sharp shoulders felt hella cinematic.

If you find yourself in Paris this year, you’ve got to stop by Ms. Elektra’s event collective Forensics, which hosts concerts, drag shows, and more! No stress if you can’t make it across the pond though. You can tap into Ghost Elektra’s content via IG, YouTube, and Facebook!

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