Freeda Kulo Came Through With A Stunning Día De Los Muertos Look

November 1st marks the Día De Los Muertos, and Mexican drag queen Freeda Kulo stopped by Cosmo Queens with a stunning makeup tribute! She showed us the art of skull makeup with a tutorial just in time for the holiday.

This look, in particular, was inspired by La Catrina, a commonly used symbol seen on the Day of the Dead.

“[La Catrina] was used as a commentary of Mexico‘s obsession with European aristocracy yet the character quickly became an icon as immortalized by murals done by Diego Rivera.” Freeda told Cosmo. She symbolized that at the end of the day we are all nothing but just a bunch of bones no matter what our social or economic status is.”

It goes without saying that Freeda’s La Catrina interpretation was GORG. Plus Freeda’s other looks are just as impressive as today’s. I mean :

A post shared by Freeda Kulo (@freedakulo)

A post shared by Freeda Kulo (@freedakulo)

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