Forget Breakup Haircuts — Demi Lovato Visited Her "Piercing Guy" For a New Nose Ring

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Demi Lovato is in the process of completely changing her look right in front of our eyes — first the blond pixie and now, she brought back her nose ring. We don’t know what’s next (perhaps another tattoo to add to her expansive collection?) but we have to say, she looks badass.

On Dec. 21 Lovato posted a selfie on her Instagram Story showing off a new silver ring on the right side of her nose, courtesy of Daniel Ruiz, who she dubbed her “piercing guy” in a previous post. Ruiz is the same person who gave Lovato and Lucy Hale matching ear piercings back in September. Although Lovato has several piercings already that climb up her ears, she hasn’t had her nose pierced since around 2012 — back when her hair also had a reddish hue to it. Back then, she wore a tiny diamond stud in her nose.

Ever since Lovato and her ex-fiancé Max Ehrich split in late September, she’s been in the process of overhauling her look. Clearly, Lovato understands the power of a breakup haircut and a new piercing to boot. So, we all agree we’re getting nose piercings now, right?

Image Source: Instagram user ddlovato

Image Source: Instagram user ddlovato

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