Cher and Saweetie Are the Perfect Odd Couple in Their MAC Campaign

In an odd couple no one saw coming, Saweetie and Cher have united as the stars of MAC Cosmetics’s latest campaign. “I was always Cher but didn’t have the luxury of make-up at four,” the 75-year-old icon wrote on Instagram, noting that she’s joined the 25-year-old as brand ambassador of the beauty giant. “Now I have MAC 🥳💄💅💃💋.” Naturally, she also posted several singular tweets about the coming together with the rapper (whom she’s either mistaken the name of or given a nickname). “Saweet Is so cool,” Cher wrote. “When We Filmed We Were Nonstop Talking,But What Mesmerized Me,Besides Her Beauty, Acting,& Style [were] HER FINGERNAILS.”

The campaign’s title, Challenge Accepted, has special significance for Saweetie, a longtime fan of MAC’s lipgloss. “[It] means challenging a status quo, and I try to do that every day with my business, with my music, with the message I give out to the world,” she told WWD. “Because I went to college, something that was said to me was: ‘Why would you be a rapper when you have a degree?’ But I challenge that. I’m going to do what I’m passionate about.” The concept is hardly new to Cher: “I’ve been saying ‘challenge accepted’ for a millennium,” she said in a press release.

Tuesday is proving to be a big day for Cher: Immediately after MAC dropped its ads starring the legend, Ugg followed suit with another. “I’ve spent a lifetime of people either hating me or loving me,” she said in a press release. “I mean, you want to be loved, but finally it’s like ‘fuck it’.” Clearly, she’s fulfilled that desire: Decades into her career, there are no haters in sight.

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