Cara Delevingne Wore a Wig on Her Armpits and Excuse Me, What?

Believe it or not, you can wear a wig just about anywhere. (Remember how merkins made their way down the a runway during 2018’s Fall/Winter Fashion Week?) In Cara Delevingne’s newest film, she wore them in a place you’d never expect.

Delevingne posted a photo on Instagram of herself in head-to-toe, early ’90s punk-rock glam with the caption, “I never thought I would need armpit hair again after getting laser . . . I was wrong. Introducing ARMPIT WIGS! Thoughts? ? by @cassblackbird @hersmellmovie @alexrossperry.” The photo is from her latest movie, Her Smell, and though you can’t see the armpit wigs clearly in her photo, we hope to catch glimpses in the biopic.

In the film’s trailer, you can see Delevingne wearing some of the edgiest beauty looks inspired by early =90s, including a choppy mullet and a rainbow pixie. See them ahead.

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