8 Easy Holiday Makeup Looks To Wear To All Your Festive Parties

Now that the gifts have been wrapped and your carton of eggnog is spiked, you can focus on looking your cutest for all the upcoming festivities. To juxtapose the inarguable hideousness of your ugly Christmas sweater, pairing it with an easy holiday makeup look is where your party ensemble will take a more positive turn.

And although the season’s greeting fashionistas with some furiously frosty weather, there’s a makeup geek inside you just waiting to take full advantage of fall and winter themes for a festive cat eye. Think of how thrilled you’ll be when your makeup hasn’t sweat all the way off. Those are the perks of winter beauty.

If you’ve ever scrolled through the beauty category on your Instagram explore page (get on that if you reside under a rock), it’s almost sickening to see all the intricate candy cane, gingerbread, and gumdrop inspired eye makeup looks. It can definitely be a little intimidating when you want to show up to your gathering as a holiday Snapchat filter.

On the other hand, not everyone who’s obsessed with makeup is necessarily a master at fine lines, so to keep things sweet and simple here are some easy eye looks that’ll make you feel just that much more jolly when you pass a reflective storefront.

Frostbitten Eyes

If you’re brave enough to wear white to your next festive get-together, you’re brave enough to try your hand at these icy eyes. Kamila Bravo turns a classic smoky eye into a crystalized version for the holidays.

Champagne Face

Gold makes deeper skin tones look goddess-like and Sarahy Delarosa reminds everyone how to do it justice. This champagne holiday makeup is cute enough to match your second glass of bubbly.

Glitter Glam

If you’re a dedicated Jaclyn Hill fan, then you already know she’s one for silvery glitter. In her glitter glam tutorial, she serves viewers some sickening shimmer that’s done in literally one fell swoop.

Warm & Toasty

To breakaway from all the chill makeup vibes, you can totally do some warmer toned holiday glam. Youtuber Ninneta uses the Naked Heat Palette to achieve this sweet and sultry festive look.

Spicey Hot Holiday

Putting the spice in pumpkin spice is Yesenia Glam’s specialty in this heat on in this holiday glam tutorial. Using a combination of Morphe and Natasha Denona’s holiday palette, you’re in for a warm peachy eye look for the winter.

Cherry Bomb

Trisha Denise Montero is a Youtuber who does some of the most outlandish makeup looks, but in this holiday tutoril, she tones it way down for a look that would gumdrops jealous. With the flick of an eyeshadow brush, she looks like she stepped straight out of the Candyland board game.

Cranberry Cutie

Nyma Tang has always been challenging the beauty industry to find more wearable looks for women of color with richer skin complexions. Although she doesn’t label this a holiday look, the combination of cranberry and gold screams festive vibes.

Emerald Green

Brandy Nitti takes the plunge in emerald green in this tutorial to serve viewers a green smoky eye. While it’s a color many aren’t willing to sport on a regular basis, the holiday is the perfect time to take a risk into emerald city to match your forest green tree.

It’s hard to come by easy makeup looks for the holiday that stands out at a party in a sea full of red. However when that special someone approaches you up close and personal, your eyes are sure to captivate them for some mistletoe action.

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