20 Beauty Products That Went Viral This Year — and Won Our Seal of Approval

These days, when you want a mascara that can lengthen even the shortest lashes or a hair tool to replace your weekly blowout, just go online. No, not to watch a celebrity interview or even a Today show segment, but for a 60-second video clip racking up millions of views on TikTok or Instagram.

Staying home this past year led to a meteoric rise in viral products on social media. In fact, the number of social commerce buyers grew 25.2 percent in 2020, creating a market of 80.1 million. Still, how do you know which formulas live up to the hype? That’s where we come in: our editors — and a handful of industry experts — have tested every buzzy launch to find the items actually worth the double taps. Keep scrolling for the social media stars that will leave you saying, “Was it TikTok that made me buy it, or POPSUGAR?”

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