Hilarious moment Instagram bikini model is bitten on the BUM by feral pig in the Bahamas

Venezuelan model and fitness coach Michelle Lewin, 32, got a shock as she posed in a white bikini on a beach in the Bahamas.

While she was posing for the camera four feral pigs came over to see what was going on.

One appeared to take a dislike to what was going on and gave Michelle a little nip on her bottom causing her to let out a yell and quickly run away.

To make matters more embarrassing for the model another pig then gave chase and Michelle ran towards some rocks.

The footage then cuts to the model who is clearly shocked by the attack and she shows off the bite mark.

Fortunately the Instagram star didn’t suffer too much, showing off just a small wound to the camera.

The footage went down well with her 13.3million followers on the social media site and has so far been viewed over four million times in just 14 hours.

Her fans saw the funny side with one describing the small mark on her bum as a “love bite”.

While another wrote in Spanish: “I think I would have done the same.”

‘Ejzg29’ said, also in Spanish: “A beer for that pig.”

A fourth joked: “What horror.”

The pigs are famous in the Bahamas and a beach in the Exuma Cays has been named in their honour where tourists can take a dip in the sea and swim along side them.

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