Bachelor Nation Is Attacking Jed's Ex-Girlfriend Online

In news that basically set Bachelor Nation on fire, rumored-frontrunner Jed totally had a girlfriend when he came on the show. In other news, people on the internet have a lot of opinions. If watching your boyfriend ghost you on national television wasn’t bad enough, Jed’s ex-GF Haley Stevens has had a LOT of criticism thrown her way.

There’s the people who think that Haley only told her story to get fame i.e. literally what Jed did (irony? Anyone?).

honestly who knows jed’s side of it. the girl has gone back on her story so many times and to me it seems like maybe she’s the obsessive ex girlfriend who wants Jed to look bad and get her 5 min of fame

If they were in a real relationship HE 👏🏼WOULDVE 👏🏼NEVER 👏🏼GONE 👏🏼ON 👏🏼THE 👏🏼SHOW👏🏼 No matter the “reason” .. not buying it. She’s looking for publicity. The end. #TheBachelorette #jed

Dating 3 months doesn’t =girlfriend. What her Facebook status? She wants attention now.
Maybe they slept together because that’s what their relationship is & they were both horny. #jed

It’s worth pointing out that even if fame is the only motive, there’s nothing inherently wrong with wanting to be famous for fame’s sake—otherwise The Bachelor franchise would probably only have about two people auditioning for it. What is shady, on the other hand, is *cough* lying to people.

Also, people have been quick to point out that musician Jed dated *another musician*. FYI, Haley is in her own country band—Sweet Leah. If being a musician made you a liar, then BRB—just going to go burn my drum kit.

Haley Stevens isn’t mad Jed dumped her for Hannah, she’s mad cause his music is about to blow up and hers isn’t. @BacheloretteABC

Just got a pitch about “Haley Stevens channeling heartbreaking relationship with Bachelorette contestant Jed into new music.” So that didn’t take long.

Then there’s the people who think that Haley shouldn’t have trusted Jed in the first place:

no offense but why is jed’s ex girlfriend showing up outta no where, first of all, u really believed that he was gonna just come back to u after the bachelorette? When u guys dated for FOUR MONTHS?????? FOUR MONTHS

So about this Jed girlfriend ordeal… What kind of girlfriend just lets her boyfriend go on #TheBachelorette and plan to welcome him back with open arms afterwards? No dear, that is not how serious relationships work. 🤣

It’s not just Twitter that’s been dragging on Haley. A quick scroll through her latest IG post comments:

My Girl 💕☠️⚡️ PS. That’s dog hair wrapped around my shirt so that’s cool.

A post shared by Haley Stevens (@lyricsandlipstick) on

“No one else feels as if this girl is lying about the Jed scandal?? She clearly wants fame 😂 team jedddd”


“She’s a shady opportunist and a lot of people are seeing through that BS and that’s why we lack sympathy for her.”


It seems like the backlash against Haley has already had consequences—reportedly, after seeing the hate Haley was getting, pilot Pete’s ex-girlfriend decided not to come forward with her story. Unfortunately, this means we’re missing a lot of the inside details of another fan-fave’s shady past (side note: can the producers not have found some guys who were actually single? Do other contestants secretly have GFs? My trust in men is gone).

People, LEAVE BRITNEY HALEY ALONE. Let us instead unite against a common enemy—Luke P.

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