Alpaca who should have gone to Specsavers spotted wandering around opticians

Workers at an opticians couldn’t believe their eyes when an ALPACA walked in and spent half an hour wandering around.

Employees locked the doors after the woolly animal strode into the store in Brittany, France, at around 11am on Friday.

They also called the police to stop it from making a run for it.

Locals initially thought the alpaca had escaped from a nearby circus – but eventually authorities found the private owner who came to pick up the animal shortly afterwards.

A staff member of Les Opticiens Mutualistes on Hennebont’s Rue Nationale told Le Telegramme newspaper: "He was not at all aggressive, he was just doing his thing.

"We saw him walk past the shop, he stopped in front of the automatic doors that opened, and he walked in very quietly."

Photographer Pierre-yves Nicolas managed to capture a picture of the alpaca in the shop.

In the image, the animal looks like it could be browsing for a pair of glasses as it stands in the middle of the store.

The image, which he posted on Facebook, has received more than 150 likes and over 100 shares.

Phil Chadwick said: "What an absolute beauty! I hope this furry customer was given a discount and a 10 per cent off voucher for when he pops in again."

Wendy Umasankar and Andy Keates both had the same idea, commenting: "Should have gone to Specsavers."

Mumud Kasim said: "He’s having an optical illusion!"

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