‘World’s fittest nurse’ reveals unusual trick that helps her stay in shape

The ‘World’s fittest nurse’ has spoken about the ONE thing missing from her home that helps her stay in shape.

Paige Mills, 24, trains for two hours a day despite countless hours spent on a busy ward where she works as an emergency nurse.

The super-fit, from Melbourne, Australia, says men are surprised when they find out she can lift more than them.

Paige has worked as a registered nurse for three years since graduating, also working with patients in rehabilitation which has fulfilled her goal of having an impact on other peoples’ lives.

Although she is incredibly busy at work, Paige thrives off the chaos and feels that the constant busyness is what keeps her mind and body stimulated.

Paige first found her love for fitness when she finished her nursing degree which made her feel inactive, making her want to burn off energy in the gym. Now, Paige works out for five or six days a week, for two hours each day.

Her dedicated fitness regime is all thanks to Paige not owning a TV aerial at home which means she has plenty more time to work out because she doesn’t watch any television.

Through nursing, Paige has learnt to appreciate her fitness as she deals with patients who may never even walk again. Even during long periods of consecutive night shifts Paige manages to maintain her fitness regime as she can squat 155kg and deadlift 152kg.

"At first I wanted to get a degree for the self-actualisation of doing it, but I decided I wanted to do something where I could have an impact on people’s lives instead," said Paige.

"I’ve also tried out hospitality, driving trucks, being a dancer and a builder’s labourer, but then I found nursing and I also do some fitness modelling now too.

"I studied to be a nurse for three years at university while I also worked as a carer in a nursing home, but I’ve now been a registered nurse for three years since.

"I love the chaos of it being on my feet and doing a million things at once keeps my body and mind stimulated.

"Having gone from very physically demanding jobs before to then studying and working as a nurse made me feel very sedentary, so I felt like I needed to burn off some energy. That’s when I first found fitness and joined a gym.

"Now I will work out for two hours a day, five or six days a week. It can be hard to keep up with my routine sometimes when I’m transitioning from day shifts to night shifts and when I’m sleep deprived.

"In nursing we aren’t allowed to manually lift patients, so the strength isn’t as handy as you may think, but back injuries are super common among nurses. I think powerlifting has taught me the correct lifting techniques, so hopefully I’ll never have a work-related back injury.

"I hear people say they don’t have the time to go to the gym, yet they watch two to three hours of television a day. Whereas I don’t have a television aerial at home, so I guess there’s time for anything you love if you make it a priority, and training comes first for me of course."

Paige spoke about how she makes sure her diet fuels her busy schedule and ensuring she can recover properly.

Patients will often comment on Paige’s muscly physique and men are frequently surprised to find out that she can lift more than they can.

"Before I started lifting, I wasn’t able to distinguish between a woman with muscle and a woman carrying excess fat. But now I very often get patients commenting on my muscles," said Paige.

"The reaction I get from men is often saying ‘wow, you can lift more than me’. But I think people who have known me forever aren’t surprised that I ended up being somewhat of a public figure because I’ve never been afraid of the limelight. I’m a pretty open person.

"I eat so much I try to eat a lot of protein and carbohydrates to fuel my workouts. If I don’t eat enough, I won’t perform well in training, which makes me feel frustrated. I usually eat around 2000 to 3000 calories a day.

"Nursing has taught me not to take any physical abilities for granted. I don’t think people realise that there are people my age who are in stroke wards or in nursing homes and they’ll never walk or talk again.

"You should exercise to celebrate your capacity to do so, and love your body for what it can do, not for how it looks."

You can follow Paige’s fitness regime by checking out her Instagram, @bikerbiddie.

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Infographic reveals exactly how much YOU earn compared to billionaires

How long does it take Jeff Bezos to earn YOUR annual salary? (Spoiler, it’s less than a minute)

  • Interactive module reveals how much world’s wealthiest earn compared to you 
  • There are now 54 UK-based billionaires with a combined wealth of £123billion
  • James Dyson, who is worth £8.5bn, earns £28k average UK wage in 6 minutes
  • US billionaires have even more money – with Amazon’s Jeff Bezos topping the list
  • Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates need minutes to earn typical British salary
  • e-mail



Amazon founder Jeff Bezos earns more in 28 seconds than the average Briton is paid in an entire year and today you can see how your pay packet compares to the world’s richest billionaires.

Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg needs just a minute to take home the £28,600 average UK salary while Bet365 betting mogul Denise Coates must only wait 20 minutes to bank the five-figure sum.

British inventor James Dyson, who is worth £8.5billion, earns £77 per second and secures the typical UK annual wage in less than six minutes. 

The growing gap between the world’s richest people and workers is revealed in new research published today.

And ABC Finance’s ‘you versus the mega-rich’ infographic reveals exactly how much you earn compared to billionaires in America and Britain.  

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos earns more in 28 seconds than the average Briton is paid in an entire year. Here you can see how your pay packet compares to the world’s richest billionaires

MailOnline readers can work out how much they earn compared to the world’s wealthiest people using the interactive module above

The amount of time billionaire Britons and Americans take to earn the £28,600 average UK salary has been calculated

There are 2,000 billionaires across the world with a combined wealth if almost £7trillion. 

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos tops the list with a mind-boggling £620,000 ($785,000) earned every week. 

Mark Zuckerberg needs a minute to earn £28,600 ($36,000) while Bill Gates requires just four minutes to earn that amount.

There are now 54 UK-based billionaires with an astonishing combined wealth of more than £123 billion ($156bn).

James Dyson, who is worth £8.5billion, earns £77 per second and pockets the average UK wage in six minutes. 

Bet365 mogul Denise Coates, who is worth £3billion alone, and she, her father Peter and brother John needed 20 minutes to bank £28,600 because they were paid £754million last year.

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Virgin boss Richard Branson takes only 25 minutes to earn the UK average wage.

‘As recent studies have shown, the richest 1 per cent now own half of the world’s total wealth – allowing them to maintain lifestyles most of us can only dream of’,  according to infographic and in-depth feature from the ABC blog.

A spokesman added: ‘We love to compare ourselves to others, and this is especially true when those other happen to be ludicrously rich’.

Their research also reveals which continents have the most billionaires.  

Asia has the highest number with 719 mega-rich followed by North America which is home to 631 billionaires.

Europe is home to 554 billionaires where as Africa is home to just 25.  

There are now more than 2,000 billionaires in the world with Asia having the highest concentration

Earlier this year it was revealed the number of billionaires in the world has soared to a record high – and they are richer than ever before.

The wealth of the world’s billionaires increased by 24 per cent from 2016 – to $9.2 trillion (£6.83 trillion) – and there are now 2,754 of them around the world.

The number of female billionaires also increased, rising by 18 per cent year on year, according to the annual Wealth-X Billionaire Census.

Wealth-X credited the steep rise in the number of billionaires to ‘a vibrant technology sector, as well as dynamic growth in the number of ultra-wealthy individuals in Asia’.

Most of the world’s billionaires are from the US, with the North American nation accounting for 25 per cent of the global total.

The U.S. is also home to seven of the ten richest men in the world – Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, Microsoft’s Bill Gates and Warren Buffett.

Jeff Bezos earns more in 30 seconds than the average British person earns in an entire year

James Dyson (pictured) earns more than £46,500 ($59,000) every week while Richard Branson earns £12,500 ($16,000) over seven days

Mrs Coates, pictured with her father Peter, who is also a director of her betting company. The family made more than £700million from Bet365 last year

In 2017, the U.S. added 60 new billionaires, taking the total number to 680, with a combined wealth of $3.2 trillion (£2.37 trillion).

The U.S. is followed by the Communist People’s Republic of China with 338 billionaires, and Germany with 152 billionaires.

India comes in fourth with 104, and Switzerland in fifth with 99 billionaires.

The United Kingdom is eight, home to 90 billionaires with a combined total wealth of $251 billion (£186 billion).


Number two: Microsoft founder Bill Gates

1. Jeff Bezos – $112billion 

The 54-year-old entrepreneur founded Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer, in 1994. He became the world’s richest person last year.  

2. Bill Gates – $90billion

The Microsoft founder has been on the Forbes Rich List since 1987, and between 1995 and 2017, he ‘won’ the top position all but four years. He is also known for his philanthropic work along with his wife Melinda.

3. Warren Buffett – $84billion

The American business investor is the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, which wholly owns companies such as Geico and Dairy Queen and parts of Cocoa Cola, Kraft Heinz and Apple. 

4. Bernard Arnault – $72billion

The 69-year-old is head of LVMH, the world’s largest luxury-goods company, which includes Louis Vuitton, Dior, Moët & Chandon champagne and Hennessy cognac. He is the richest person in fashion – and in France.

5. Mark Zuckerberg – $71billion

Zuckerberg, 34, launched Facebook along with his college friends while at Harvard University, and is still the CEO of the social media giant.

6. Amancio Ortega –  $70billion

The 82-year-old Spanish business tycoon is founder of the Inditex fashion group, which includes high street favorite Zara.

7. Carlos Slim Helu, America Movil – $67.1billion

The Mexican business magnate, 78, was the world’s richest person from 2010 to 2015. He has made his fortune from buying into Mexican companies, and accounts for 40 per cent of the listings on the Mexican Stock Exchange.

8 and 9. Charles and David Koch – $60billion each

The brothers, aged 82 and 78, head up Koch Industries, the second-largest privately held company in the United States. 

10. Larry Ellison – $58.5billion

The 73-year-old American co-founded software company Oracle. He is the owner of the sixth largest Hawaiian island and his own racing yacht team.

Source: The Forbes List


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Tycoon Vijay Mallya can be extradited to India, UK judge rules

The drinks tycoon Vijay Mallya can be extradited to India to face allegations of fraud, a UK judge has ruled.

Mallya, the chairman of the UB Group, is wanted in his home country over debts incurred by his defunct Kingfisher Airline.

The 62-year-old, who built his fortune in the drinks industry, denies any wrongdoing and has been fighting to remain in Britain.

In a judgment passed at Westminster magistrates court on Monday, however, the senior district judge Emma Arbuthnot said that there was a case to be answered.

She said she would refer Mallya’s case to the home secretary for a decision on whether or not to order his extradition.

Arbuthnot found that Mallya had misrepresented how loans received from banks would be used. She said bankers had been charmed by a “glamorous, flashy, famous, bejewelled, bodyguarded, ostensibly billionaire playboy” into losing their common sense.

Mallya is alleged to have knowingly misled largely state-owned banks about the fortunes of the failing airline, before laundering the cash to fund his Formula 1 motor racing team and other projects.

Indian multimillionaire ordered to give back pay to superyacht crew

India’s enforcement directorate has been investigating the tycoon’s debts linked to the airline, which amount to £977m.

A lawyer for Mallya previously argued that the fraud allegations were politically motivated and fitted a pattern of corruption charges surfacing in Indian election years.

The Central Bank of India opened a criminal investigation into Mallya in 2015, and the Metropolitan police’s extradition unit arrested him in April last year on behalf of the Indian authorities.. He had entered the UK on a valid passport in March 2016.

Mallya, who appeared in court dressed in a pinstripe suit with a red tie, barely reacted as the judge delivered her ruling.

He was once hailed as India’s version of the British entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson for his investments in the airline, a Formula 1 team and an Indian Premier League cricket club.

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U.S., Russia and Saudi Arabia block major UN climate report

A diplomatic standoff over a single word could set the stage for a bigger showdown during the second half of this year’s UN climate summit.

Negotiators took time out Sunday to rest after the first week of talks ended on a sour note the previous night, when the United States sided with Russia, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait in blocking endorsement of a landmark study on global warming.

“I think it was a key moment,” said Alden Meyer of the Union of Concerned Scientists.

“The fact that a group of four countries were trying to diminish the value and importance of a scientific report they themselves, with all other countries, requested three years ago in Paris is pretty remarkable.”

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s special report on what would happen if average global temperatures rise by 1.5 Celsius, and how to ensure they don’t go higher, was widely regarded as a wake-up call for policy-makers when it was released in October.

As diplomats wrapped up a week of technical talks Saturday, almost all 200 countries present in Katowice, Poland, had wanted to “welcome” the IPCC report, making it the benchmark for future action.

But the U.S. and three other delegations objected.

“The United States was willing to note the report and express appreciation to the scientists who developed it, but not to welcome it, as that would denote endorsement of the report,” the U.S. State Department said in a statement. “As we have made clear in the IPCC and other bodies, the United States has not endorsed the findings of the report.”

Russia, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait also called for the study to be “noted” but not “welcomed.”

While none of the four-oil exporting countries spelled it out, their objection to the report likely included its suggestion that fossil-fuel use needs to be phased out by 2050. Oil, gas and coal are major sources of carbon dioxide, which traps heat in the atmosphere.

The 2015 Paris agreement set a target of keeping global warming well below 2 degrees Celsius, ideally 1.5 C by the end of the century.

“A 1.5 C and a 2 C worlds are very different in terms of mean climate, extremes, sea level rise, and climate-related risks,” said one of the report’s leading contributors, Valerie Masson-Delmotte.

The higher threshold increases the likelihood of “climate change hot spots challenging basic water, food, economic security and the risk of irreversible loss of wildlife,” she said.

Observers at the talks said the two Gulf countries’ objection to the IPCC report came as no surprise.

“The Saudis with their sidekicks the Kuwaitis have long been troublemakers in this in this process,” said Meyer, who has followed international climate negotiations for many years.

Russia’s intentions were unclear, he said, while the U.S. position appeared to be driven by what he called U.S. President Donald Trump’s “cavalier attitude toward science in general and climate science in particular.”

“It’s really an embarrassment for the world’s leading scientific superpower to be in this position of having to disbelieve a report that was written by the world’s scientific community including a large number of pre-eminent U.S. scientists,” Meyer said.

Saturday’s floor fight casts doubt on whether countries will be able to reach consensus on important issues by Friday, including the need to step up national targets to curb carbon emissions.

While many countries are sending ministers or even national leaders to the talks, the U.S. and Britain are among the countries that will be represented only by bureaucrats.

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Man who murdered ex-wife when she refused £100 to have sex 'one last time' is jailed for life

Martin Cavanagh, 35, throttled 31-year-old Sophie Cavanagh at his Bromley flat in May then left a message on a board saying "she deserved it".

The body of the mother-of-two was found naked in bed the next day and Cavanagh turned himself in to police days later.

Cavanagh was found guilty by a jury at the Old Bailey in a murder trial that heard he was "controlling, jealous and possessive", with a short fuse.

Sophie's mother and half-sister nodded as the judge told him he'd serve at least 16 years before he can be considered for parole.

Judge Michael Grieve QC said he "inflicted a life sentence of suffering" on Sophie's family and children.

He said: "You caused the wholly unnecessary tragic death of 31-year-old Sophie, much loved by her family and friends, who had most of her life before her."

Cavanagh "deprived" her children of her "love and care forever", he said.

The judge added: "You could not let go of Sophie emotionally and kept a close eye on other relationships she might be forming, on occasions interfering in order to frustrate them.

"In the week before you killed her you got desperate to have her and as it turned out to ensure that no one else could."

In a victim impact statement read to the court, Sophie's half-sister Dawn Larkin said she was a "beautiful, loving person who would do no one any harm."

Ms Larkin said: "Since losing my daughter Sophie, my whole life has changed, it's like there is a big, black hole – I can no longer phone her or see her, which I miss desperately.

"Her sister Lucy has not only lost a sister, she has lost her best friend.

"Sophie's children have lost the love of their mum and it's so hard and heartbreaking that all we have is photos, her ashes and our memories when in fact we should have her here with us.

"Our lives will never be the same again and nothing will fill the void."

Ms Larkin also blasted Cavanagh's decision to plead not guilty to the murder, adding: "I sat through the trial and listened to the horrific details of how she was murdered.

"All of this could have been spared us if he had admitted what he had done, but he chose to keep up the charade until the end."

Jailing Cavanagh for life, Judge Michael Grieve QC said he "inflicted a life sentence of suffering" on Sophie's family and children.

He said: "You caused the wholly unnecessary tragic death of 31-year-old Sophie, much loved by her family and friends, who had most of her life before her."

Jurors in the trial were told Cavanagh, of Bromley, south London, had offered her money for sex days before the murder.

He sent her a text which said: "I want to have you one last final time."

The pair were married since September 2011 but had lived separately for the previous two years and had a "volatile and fractious relationship".

Sophie was filing for a divorce at the time of the killing.

They had visited Wingham Wildlife Park, in Kent, on the day of the murder, before visiting a pub with friends, who described the pair as in "good spirits".

But Cavanagh killed Sophie that night, before her body was found at his flat with her feet poking from beneath a quilt on his makeshift bed.

Cavanagh then visited his mother's house at 7pm the following day but was confronted by his sister-in-law.


He said, 'you know, don't you?', then when she said yes, he claimed there was an argument but he "didn't know" what happened.

He told her "his life was over", then left before police launched a manhunt.

After a police appeal he handed himself in at Bromley police station on Thursday, May 24.

Earlier that morning, family members had seen him in his mother's shed, where he had said: "I'm not running, are the police here?"

He told them: "I want you to take me to the police station, I didn't do it."

Messages from Sophie's phone revealed a conversation in which he accused her of messaging another man, despite her insisting she was not.

One said: "NO MORE Message from me tonight. Just wish u would admit Ur talking to a fella."


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Britain PM Theresa May pulls crucial vote on Brexit deal: reports

British Prime Minister Theresa May is pulling a parliamentary vote set for Tuesday on her Brexit deal, the BBC reported, after repeated warnings from lawmakers that the scale of the expected defeat could sink her government.

May convened a conference call with senior ministers on Monday to discuss what do with her compromise deal that allowed the United Kingdom to exit while staying in the EU’s orbit.

Bloomberg also reported that May called off the vote, after being warned she could face a devastating defeat.

The prime minister will make a statement to the House of Commons at 2:30 GMT on Britain’s exit from the European Union, Labour Party lawmakers responsible for party discipline said on Monday.

While there was no official word on the vote, two sources told BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg that the vote was being pulled. A Financial Times reporter said an official close to the cabinet had also confirmed the vote would be pulled.

May and her ministers had repeatedly insisted the vote would go ahead as planned. Her spokeswoman briefed reporters on Monday that there was no plan to pull the vote.

Sterling fell to the lowest since June 2017.

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Roger the muscle-bound kangaroo dies in Australia aged 12

The animal, who was 6ft 7in and weighed 14 stone (89 kilos), became famous in 2015 when a photo of him crushing the bucket went viral.

The Kangaroo Sanctuary in Alice Springs, Australia, where Roger was cared for, said it was a “very sad day”.

“We have lost out beautiful boy, Roger,” said sanctuary manager Chris Barnes.

Mr Barnes found Roger as a joey in 2006 after the kangaroo’s mother had been killed by a passing car.

In a video tribute on Facebook, he said he built the sanctuary to house Roger and “a couple of his wives, Ella and Abigail”.

He added: “Roger was our alpha male for many years, and he grew up to be a kangaroo that people from all over the world have grown to love as much as we love him too.

“He will always be here – we’ve laid him to rest out here, so he can be with his family.”

The centre thanked people for their “beautiful messages about Roger”.

Among more than 2,000 comments on the sanctuary’s Facebook page, Debbie Radde said there would be “many tears shed in Australia”.

“From an orphaned joey to the world’s most famous kangaroo, it’s amazing what love can do,” said Erin Tewksbury.

And Kevin Cotton said: “I loved watching him going from an aggressive, territorial alpha to a gentle old soul just lounging and munching corn.”

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SantaCon revelers clog city streets for festive pub crawl

More than 200 red-suited revelers packed the streets Saturday for this year’s SantaCon parade and pub crawl, which kicked off at 10 a.m. a block from Macy’s amid a North Pole-like blast of cold.

Christmas-costume crowds shrugged off the arctic chill to celebrate the event’s 20th’s anniversary in New York.

“We haven’t done anything but wake up and drink,” said visiting Philly resident Charlie Rahr, who embraced the tradition of sampling the season’s spirits.

Among the celebrants was a sultry St. Nicky, Cindy Priestei, 38, who stepped out in style in short red skirt, thigh-high white stockings and striped top — while toting a giant candy cane.

Police on twitter urged participants to “stay off the NYPD’s naughty list” — and for the most part, they did.

The East Village was particularly popular. Hundreds wrapped around the block in hope of getting into 13th Step, a bar at 149 Second Ave., determined get in, meet their fellow Kris Kringles — and raise a glass.

The neighborhood took on the look of Santa’s workshop. Bouncers claimed bars were jammed to capacity.

“I would wait another 20 minutes max,” said shivering Audrey Goodrick, 21, in front of Thirsty Scholar Club on E 10th street and Second Avenue. “I’m freezing!”

Not everyone cheered.

Actress Piper Perabo called for the city to shut down the event permanently.

“As a woman who has to walk through #NYC tonight, my past experience with Santa Con is mobs of very drunk people, lots of men, disguised, in the dark,” she tweeted. “It’s terrifying.”

The spectacle, which started in San Francisco in 1994 and came to New York four years later, is an international phenomenon — with more than 60 SantaCons in the U.S. and across the world.

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Democrats ‘have to win’ in 2020: James Comey responds to recent Trump attacks

Former F.B.I. Director James Comey, in an interview in New York on Sunday, responded to recent criticisms from President Donald Trump, who called him dishonest and accused him of lying in a Congressional hearing last week.

Comey also said Democrats “have to win” the 2020 presidential election.

Trump posted several tweets attacking Comey over the weekend after he testified before the House Judiciary and Oversight committees in a closed session on Friday, but the ousted F.B.I. chief said he mostly shrugged it off.

“We have to remind ourselves that the president of the United States of America is publicly announcing that people are committing crimes, they should be in jail — private citizens — that’s not OK,” Comey told an audience at 92Y in Manhattan. “And if we become numb to it, we risk surrendering the norm.”

His comments came just hours after Trump claimed, without evidence, that “leakin'” Comey had lied in his House testimony.

“On 245 occasions, former FBI Director James Comey told House investigators he didn’t know, didn’t recall or couldn’t remember things when asked,” Trump tweeted Sunday. “Leakin’ James Comey must have set a record for who lied the most to Congress in one day. His Friday testimony was so untruthful.”

In another tweet on Friday, Trump said: “It is being reported that Leakin’ James Comey was told by Department of Justice attorneys not to answer the most important questions. Total bias and corruption at the highest levels of previous Administration. Force him to answer the questions under oath!”

Comey said the president’s tweets were “disturbing,” but he stopped short of saying they should be counted as witness tampering in special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia collusion probe.

“I’m not prepared to judge it,” Comey told MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace at the event. “I’m a witness, potentially. I don’t know how the special counsel thinks about it, but if I were a prosecutor and a public figure started attacking the credibility of one of my witnesses in a pending investigation that’s something I would look at very closely.”

Comey, who was fired by the president in 2017 over his handling of the probe into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server, urged Americans to hold Trump accountable in the lead up to the 2020 election.

“I can tell you that all of us should use every breath we have to make sure the lying stops on January 20, 2021,” he said. “I understand the Democrats have important debates now over who their candidate should be … but they have to win. They have to win.”

However, Comey stressed he doesn’t want the president to be impeached because to do so would let “the country off the hook.”

“Removal by impeachment would muddy that. … We need a clear jump upward,” Comey said. “It will come from tens of millions of Americans who don’t vote, voting their values.”

ABC News’ Amanda Maile contributed to this report.

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Sheriff: Uncle cut 3-year-old Kentucky girl’s throat

A 3-year-old girl whose uncle authorities say cut her throat has died in a Kentucky hospital.

Citing a Fayette County Coroner’s Office release, news outlets report Josephine Bulubenchi died Sunday evening, more than a day after she was attacked.

Clinton County Sheriff Jim Guffey says 33-year-old Emanuel Fluter is charged. He had been living with the family.

Guffey says Josephine’s father heard her scream on a baby monitor Saturday morning and rushed in to try to disarm Fluter, receiving a cut on his hand.

According to the arrest citation, there were four other children in the room when Josephine was attacked.

Fluter was initially charged with two counts of first-degree assault and four counts of wanton endangerment. Additional charges are expected.

It’s unclear whether he has a lawyer.

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