Woman reveals her twice-divorced single friend is spending £540 a WEEK taking women out for dinner

DATING can be expensive, but one woman has revealed how her male friend forks out a staggering £540 a WEEK taking women out of dinner. TV host Sami Lukis, 48, revealed how her twice-divorced single dad friend John finds himself splashing out thousands each month on women he doesn’t know. https://www.instagram.com/p/Bo3Hv2UAbE9/ Big thanks to @auscamfreedomproject for inviting me to MC […]

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Woman – who calls herself a ‘blood witch’ – claims she got rid of hellish menstrual cramps by smearing period blood on her face to ‘anoint her third eye’ – The Sun

A SELF-confessed 'blood witch' has claimed smearing her menstrual blood on her face and lips is ‘empowering’ and helped relieve her cramps. Yazmina Jade Adler, 26, credits the bizarre practice for getting rid of her period pain, as she invited other woman to ‘connect’ with their bodies. The 26-year-old appeared on SBS show Medicine or Myth?, to share her alternative […]

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Single bloke uses Snapchat gender swap filter to create fake Tinder profile and goes viral thanks to being ‘so pretty’

IN RECENT weeks the Snapchat gender swap filter has been sending the web into meltdown as netizens share their lifelike alter-egos. And one man’s female makeover was so convincing that he created a Tinder profile for his female self – and he’s gained some admirers. Dylan Nash, from the US, shared snaps of his female self, who he dubbed Dilana […]

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