This Pop Star's Bonkers Training Regimen Includes Sword Fighting and Experimental Eyeball Surgery

If you’re looking to incorporate more screaming and sword fighting into your daily workout routine, Grimes has a few helpful pointers. The Canadian singer-songwriter is the new face of Stella McCartney’s new eco-friendly Adidas collection, and she shared her absurd training regimen to coincide with the campaign’s launch in a jarring, freewheeling Instagram post. Her “360 approach to fitness” begins […]

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Gallic glamour: French beauty buys to swear by

My love affair with all things Gallic began as a child when my parents would take us to the idyllic, sunny region of Provence in the South of France every summer. My first serious boyfriend was a very handsome, typically passionate Frenchman – I not only fell in love with him but also the food, the countryside, the beaches, the […]

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Get Built Like Gerard Butler With This Full Body Workout

In the pantheon of super-jacked movie stars, a few stand out, bulging biceps and shoulders above the rest. One of the most iconic movie muscle moments came in 2007’s 300, when Gerard Butler’s King Leonidas led his 300 Spartan warriors into battle without a single shirt or visible ounce of body fat between them. Butler hasn’t stayed at quite that […]

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