Older men more likely to suffer from sex addiction than younger counterparts, study finds | The Sun

OLDER MEN are more likely to suffer from sex addiction than their younger counterparts, new data has revealed.

More than 100 sex-addict patients who suffered health problems as part of their obsession have been seen by NHS hospital doctors in the last five years.

And last year eight of these patients were in their 80s, while another four were in their 70s, with sex-crazed OAPs outnumbering younger addicts in their 20s or 30s.

The statistics from NHS Digital reveal how many times hospital medics have seen patients whose medical problems are believed to be linked to their “excessive sexual drive”.

Last year there were 15 occasions when men were logged by doctors as suffering sex addiction and 13 times when women were recorded as experiencing the problem.

Of the 28 appointments for the problem last year the average age of people being seen was 58 with just two of the patients in their 20s.


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Previous data reveals that in 2019 one patient recorded as having sex addiction was in his 90s.

Hospital medics are asked to fill out forms on all the patients they see probing what factors are impacting on the health.

In the last five years there were a total of 116 appointments where medics recorded the sex addiction as being either the main problem with the patient or a contributory factor to another medical issue.

Of those appointments 80 were with men and 36 were with women, with people aged in their 40s and 50s the most likely to look for help with their health problems.

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