Worried Jackson family held 'intervention' with the star after his high-profile child abuse case, nephew reveals

Jacko's nephew Taj Jackson told how the star's relatives confronted the singer in the wake of his high-profile child abuse trial in 2005.

Asked by NME whether the family ever thought to step in and talk to Jackson about his behaviour, Taj confirmed they once did.

He said: “That’s exactly what happened after the trial,” he said. “And that’s why after the trial it was all family.”

Jackson faced multiple charges of molesting a minor, intoxicating a minor to molest him and conspiring to commit extortion and child abduction.

He pleaded not guilty to all counts in the Gavin Arvizo case and was cleared during a hearing lasting 18 months.

According to Taj, the intervention was to make the oddball singer spend more time with the people he should have been closest to.

“We said to him: ‘You have plenty of family members. You have plenty of nieces and nephews’. And he agreed,” he explained.

“I asked him about Gavin,” he admitted. “He said to me, ‘I could not let that kid die.’

Taj added: “When it comes to people who are dying my uncle…he felt like he had to be there for these people.”


Arvizo suffered from cancer when he was a child, and first met Jackson, in one of the hospitals where he was being treated.

Jackson soon struck up a friendship with the 10 year old , sending him gifts and then invited him to come and stay at Neverland.
It's not the first time Taj has spoken out to defend his famous uncle.

Last week he claimed 'Leaving Neverland' accuser Wade Robson wasn’t touched by Jacko because he was dating the singer’s niece.

Taj claimed child dancer Robson was dating Brandi Jackson when the alleged abuse happened — a fact he claims is “conveniently left out” of the explosive documentary

The second part of the disturbing documentary aired on Thursday night on Channel 4.

It featured fresh abuse claims from Robson, a choreographer who says Jackson began abusing him from the age of seven.

But speaking in response to the doc, Taj claims he knew dancer Robson “pretty well” during this time — because he was dating his cousin Brandi Jackson.

He said: “It's something they’ve conveniently left out of the documentary because it coincides with Wade saying [the abuse happened] from the age of seven to 14.

"But he was dating Brandi from nine to 18."


Taj said it was his uncle that actually set them up because Wade had a crush on Brandi.

He said: “They met at the LA Gear thing and they were also in the ‘Black and White’ video.

“So after Wade had said he liked her, Brandi and my cousin Siggy came up with Wade and his sister, Chantal, to spend the week at Neverland.

“It was then that Wade asked Brandi to be his girlfriend.

“That’s what’s so sick about this. Wade has a story that doesn’t even coincide with reality.”

Brandi, now 37, who is the daughter of Jackie Jackson the oldest brother of the Jackson family, took to her Twitter page in February to confirm this.

Leaving Neverland features allegations by Robson along with James Safechuck, a former child actor who says the singer molested him too.

But the film has been slammed by Jackson's estate and fans. They accuse the British filmmaker, Dan Reed, of being one-sided and distorting events and facts.


Taj now wants to make a documentary in response to Leaving Neverland, which explores sexual abuse allegations made against the star.

He hopes to raise $777,000 ( £602,000) for an "explosive" project that will "conclusively destroy decades of salacious myths" related to his uncle.

Writing on his gofundme page, he said: “Once again, we have to defend Michael Jackson’s name and legacy from vicious and calculated lies."


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