Surges in flea and fly infestations have been blamed on climate change

GLOBAL warming has been blamed for a rise in fleas and flies.

Experts say the pests have survived the mild winter and are emerging earlier to breed.

They latch on to pets spending more time outside than usual since February’s 69F (20C) record highs. Rentokil’s David Cross said calls about flea infestations were up 198 per cent year on year, and flies up 120 per cent.

He added: “Averages for last five years’ first quarters suggest our warmer climate is impacting breeding seasons.”

Fleas emerging from hibernation gather by windows for the warmth they need to leap. Warmer conditions also mean household waste decomposes faster, creating ideal conditions for flies and larvae.

Cats and dogs then bring them inside. David added: “Any fleas found on humans and animals represent just five per cent of the nearby flea population.

“The rest will be in bedding, carpets and furniture.”

He urged people to seal bins, cover left-out food, and shut windows and doors at night.



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