Soldier batters three yobs who ridiculed his manbag and made vile homophobic slur

CCTV shows how the no-nonsense veteran attacked the men in St Petersburg, Russia while in a fast-food restaurant.

The Second Chechen War veteran was about to order his food when the men behind him starting talking about his bag, according to reports.

One of the men reportedly said the bag was “feminine looking” and that its owner might be “gay”, causing the soldier to lash out.

The unnamed man, who was dressed in dark clothing and a black cap, took his manbag off without question before landing a sucker punch on one of the men.

A second yob then approaches him, but the soldier batters him in the face and he drops to the floor.

Then a third man, who appears to try and diffuse the situation, is also decked by the veteran.

The first thug then gets up and the veteran hits him again before grabbing a chair to beat at least two other men.

The third man appears again to explain something to the veteran and then apologises to the restaurant staff.

Both men shake hands as the clip comes to an end.

The ex-soldier fought in the Second Chechen War, which was from 1999 to 2009, according to local media.

It was fought between the Russian Federation and the unrecognised Chechen Republic of Ichkeria in the territory of Chechnya and the border regions of North Caucasus.

The police are not investigating as the men did not report the veteran, according to reports.

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