Man hosts a party, says best friend secretly romanced his girlfriend

Man throws a party for family and friends to announce that his girlfriend has been having an AFFAIR with his best friend of 20 years behind his back

  • A jilted boyfriend held a party at his home in Venezuela to make the shocking revelation that Daliana Meleán cheated on him with his longtime buddy 
  • The bewildered man, who has not been named, accuses his friend Alberto Sobalvarro of ‘courting my woman’ and called it a ‘coward move’
  • He calmly shows off her cell phone and says he has texts that prove Sobalvarro and Meleán carried out a secret fling
  • Sobalvarro is an economist and a congressman loyal to Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro 

When family and friends gathered for a party, they thought it would be an opportunity to relax and unwind.

Instead, the host grabbed the microphone and told everyone in attendance that his girlfriend had been having an affair with his best friend of 20 years.

The jilted lover, who has not been named, invited people close to him to the bash in Venezuela so he could reveal the woman he had been dating for two years and his pal were having a secret relationship.

He also urged those in attendance to get the speech on video, and it has since gone viral.  

A man (center) in Venezuela recently invited friends and family members to a party at his home where he made the shocking revelation that his girlfriend (right) was cheating on him with his best friend of 20 years

Daliana Meleán walks away from her boyfriend after his shocking revelation accusing her of infidelity 

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‘Today I discovered something that I really suspected in my mind and in my heart,’ the man says in calm fashion while Daliana Meleán, his girlfriend, stood next to him.

‘Alberto (his best friend), I have known you for more than 20 years. You are the father of my great brother and friend. But courting my woman is a coward move.’

Alberto Sobalvarro (pictured center) is accused by his best friend of 20 years of carrying out a secret romance with his girlfriend and offering to buy her an apartment valued at $40,000 in Venezuela

His friend, Alberto Sobalvarro, is an economist and a congressman loyal to Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro.

He then picked up her phone and showed the stunned guests all the text messages they had shared. 

The Venezuelan man even accused Sobalvarro of looking to bankroll a lavish apartment purchase that Meleán had been infatuated with.

‘Here are all the messages that Daliana and you have sent. Daliana is looking for a $40,000 apartment and I tell her where do you get it from?’, the man says. ‘I know where she’s going to get it from, where she’s getting the $40,000 apartment that are you going to give her.’

A male invitee (left) attempts to calm down the jilted boyfriend (center)

Those in attendance feared that the impromptu speech would spark a fight but the man appeared to show tremendous poise and restraint.

Meleán tries to get her phone back, but her furious boyfriend throws it in the  swimming pool.

A woman then walks up to Meleán and pulls her away from her boyfriend’s side. 

‘I really thank you [Alberto] with all my heart for the sincere and profound friendship that you showed me in these 20 years, and Daliana too, of course these two years you have shared with me hypocritically,’ he sarcastically said. 

At one point people appear in the video as if they’re making an early exit for the doors at the party while a male invitee approaches the confused boyfriend.

But before he could drop the microphone, he offered one last parting shot.

‘Alberto and Daliana have a relationship.’


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