Hero mum stabbed 20 TIMES saving her two daughters by leading crazed burglar on a chase away from their home

A MUM led an intruder armed with a knife away on a chase to protect her children before being stabbed at least 20 times.

Terrifying video footage shows Marylou Villalobos Palos, 42, running through the streets in a bid to divert the home invader away from her two daughters Evelyn, 15, and Elizabeth, 13.

A clip from their home CCTV captures Marylou screaming: “He's trying to kill me. Help.”

Sheriff’s Lt Chad Taylor told reporters: “The mom, fearing for her safety and the safety of her teenage daughters, really quickly thought that, hey, she needed to get out of there, and hopefully he would chase her, which he ended up doing.

“So she actually fled out of the house and started running through the neighbourhood and the suspect gave chase.”


After repeatedly stabbing and slashing the woman, the maniac stole a car and drove away.

Shortly after he ran down a pedestrian who was said to be a woman in her 50s.

He then drove on before crashing the car.

When he tried to carjack another vehicle, he was unable to drag the woman out because she was wearing her seat belt.

He was only stopped when a passing cyclist pepper sprayed him.


Daughter Evelyn, who said the incident as “something out of a horror movie”, described finding her badly injured and bleeding mum, who had been stabbed in the face, neck and chest.

She told local TV channel KTLA: “I went and I saw blood everywhere, and I thought my mom was dead.”

Husband Enrique added: “She’s a hero.”

Although horrifically injured, Marylou is reportedly in a stable condition.

The pedestrian who was run down is also said to be making a recovery.

James Carlos Melendrez, 25, was later arrested in connection with the incident.


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