Boris Johnson insists the EU will give him a better Brexit deal — but what if he’s wrong? – The Sun

BORIS Johnson’s leadership pitch is based on energy and optimism. Fine. What else does he have if his bubble is burst?

Boris insists the EU will give him a better Brexit deal because his Government will have fresh vigour and conviction. Failing that it’s No Deal, which he believes MPs lack the bottle to prevent.

What if he’s wrong? Tory Remainers certainly seem demented enough to topple their own Government.

What if he’s misread Brussels too?

The EU must change the backstop if they still want a deal — Theresa May’s is dead. But they may not, hoping to force a second referendum or election. Can Boris risk the latter? If not, what’s his plan?

In fairness, none of his rivals has much more of one. That includes Sajid Javid, despite his excellent speech yesterday.

They would all be fronting a minority Government against an intransigent EU and a cynical Labour Party opposed to any Tory solution.

As PM, Boris would rapidly need  serious answers. And far more realism about what he can achieve, facing the same obstacles that did for his predecessor.

And he would need to be more honest with voters than she ever was.

Toxic Brand

IMAGINE the revulsion if a Tory “joked” about maiming Jeremy Corbyn with acid.

They would be  shamed — and hounded out of their job by a Twitter mob.

When Jo Brand says it about politicians she dislikes, the BBC Radio audience guffaws and the Left thinks brave, funny Jo really stuck it to the bad men.

These puke-making double standards are given an unchallenged platform  by our publicly funded yet blatantly partisan national broadcaster.

OAPs who will soon be forced to pay for it will be even more outraged today.

A Ukip candidate who made obnoxious rape “jokes” about a Labour MP was rightly vilified. So should Brand be.

Our politics is volatile enough without morons from the “kinder, gentler” Left  fantasising about disfiguring opponents.

Eco worriers

WE’RE all for Britain minimising our already minuscule fraction of global emissions.

But the  “net zero” law to make us ­carbon-neutral by 2050 looks like our ­idiotic aid commitment all over again.

David Cameron ensured we gave away 0.7 per cent of GDP no matter how vast that figure became (now £14billion) and the lack of genuinely deserving projects.

It is unpopular and unjustifiable. “Net zero” is the product of the same blind faith  and motive, as a Tory PR exercise.

No one has yet told the public they will need to scrap their  car, gas cooker and heating, take fewer ­foreign holidays and eat less meat as the price of “progress”.

They’ll be even less happy when other major nations ignore our example — and race ahead of us economically.

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