Anger as school that banned designer coats to stop 'poverty shaming' tells parents to buy £25 own-brand jackets

A SCHOOL that banned designer coats to stop “poverty shaming” has ordered parents to buy its own-branded coats.

Woodchurch High School in Birkenhead, Meseryside also told parents they can only buy the £25 jackets from one shop.

Parents raged that the secondary school’s decision has sparked an “outcry” and that the coats are unusable outside school.

Pupils wearing other jackets will be breaking school rules, with mums and dads angry they must buy the coats from a shop in Moreton, five miles from Woodchurch.

A parent told The Liverpool Echo: “There's been a bit of an outcry to be honest [as] we have been informed we are forbidden to buy it anywhere else.

“Another uniform shop has this coat for sale too but we cannot purchase it from there. Some parents are unable to get to the shop in Moreton.


"The headteacher and assistant head are coming under fire."

Pupils must wear the coats from September.

Last November, the Church of England academy caused controversy after banning designer labels.

Kids at Woodchurch were forbidden to wear jackets from Moncler, Pyrenex and Canada Goose, which sell for up to £1,000.

Parents are now angry that the school’s unisex coats are only available to buy at Design and Stitch Schoolwear in Moreton.

A number of lower income families [may have] spent £10 on a coat for winter, but will [now have to buy another

Pupils must wear a puffer style jacket or a fleece-layered design.

But parents say they have to buy children other jackets as the coats have Woodchurch’s-branded toggle.

A mum said: “There are] complaints of having to buy separate coats for home.

“A number of lower income families [may have] spent £10 on a coat for winter, but will [now have to buy another].


"Parents are threatening to send their children to school in generic coats, and send letters to the school governors."

Headteacher Rebekah Phillips rejected the allegations, claiming staff consulted with pupils on the two designs.

She told the Liverpool Echo: "The coats do not have the school logo on them, rather they have a small 'W' on the zip as an identifying feature.

“This will enable pupils to wear the coat outside of school."

The coats would also be on sale during school induction and at parents' evening, she said.

Ms Philips added: “Woodchurch High School is concerned that parents and carers are made aware that this venture continues to be focused around poverty proofing.”

Other parents have backed the school’s move.

One mum posted on Facebook: “My twins start there in September, and I think it's a brilliant idea.”

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