X Factor's Lucy Spraggan is undergoing fertility treatment with her wife while fostering 12 kids

X FACTOR star Lucy Spraggan has fostered 12 kids who she serenades with acoustic guitar renditions of Old MacDonald – and is now having fertility treatment with her wife to have a child of their own.

The big-hearted singer has welcomed youngsters ranging from newborn babies to teenagers to her Stockport home and even brings them to her gigs.

Lucy, 27, and wife of three years Gina were so moved by a news report about children needing homes in Manchester that she went to a nearby fostering centre and was told there were 250 kids on the list.

She told the Mirror: "We knew straight away we were going to apply to become carers."

The star, who once described her time after The X Factor in 2012 as "f**king lonely", said fostering was incredibly rewarding.

She explained: "We’re lucky we have spare rooms at home, so we started getting everything ready and kid-friendly. We have one room for babies and another good for any age that’s yellow and green.

"Babies were an eye-opener too. We had two stay with us for three weeks. The sleepless nights were a shock. We took a baby each, both did the nappy changing and the night feeds and got stuck in.

"We’re having fertility treatment ourselves, so it’s all good practice."

Lucy added: "The toddlers love it when I play Old MacDonald on the guitar, it makes me so happy when they’re dancing along.

"We always have music on too, and sometimes when we’re in the car with the kids and we have the windows open, music blaring, all singing along, I think: ‘They might remember this.’"

She added that she often takes them for days out to her gigs, to London and on BMX days as well as having a PlayStation for the older ones to play FIFA – but said they are careful not to spoil them.

Lucy met wife Gina in a bar in London insisting it was love at first sight – even though she had no idea the singer was famous.

The pair married in North Yorkshire in 2016 and credited her with helping her through her depression when he appeared on Loose Women.

Speaking that same year, the star explained: "It just got to a point where I just couldn't do it anymore, like this is it and then I met G and I was so, so happy."

She added: "If you haven't hit rock bottom you don't know how much further down you can go but luckily I'm on the up now and I've never felt happier."

Lucy wowed the X Factor judges with her own song when she appeared back in 2012, but came ninth after quitting because of illness.

However, she was signed to Columbia Records and became the first star in the show's history to bag a Top 40 single and album before the live shows had even aired.

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