What time does Hospital start on BBC2 tonight, what happens in series 4 and which hospital is featured?

The reality of day-to-day life in the NHS is being laid bare in the fourth series of the fascinating documentary, Hospital. Here's everything you need to know about the programme…

What time is Hospital on BBC2 tonight?

The second episode of Hospital series four airs at 9pm tonight on BBC Two.

The cameras follow the decisions made each day by surgeons, consultants and managers at one of the Nottingham University Hospitals, and how patients are impacted by these choices.

It's up against Death in Paradise on BBC One, Hunted on Channel 4 and Ted on ITV2.

What is Hospital about?

The BBC Two documentary tells the story of the NHS near breaking point and how staff are coping in these unprecedented times.

Doctors, nurses, surgeons and clerical staff are seen attempting to juggle bed space to ensure the most ill are treated as quickly as possible.

This series of the documentary was filmed at the Walton Centre, near to Liverpool's Aintree University Hospital.

The Walton Centre is dedicated to spine, brain and pain management.

What issues does Hospital highlight?

Previously the Hospital has shown how managers declare a "black" alert when every one of the trust's 1700 beds is occupied.

Patients, some of whom are frail, elderly and suffering from respiratory problems, are seen left on trolleys in corridors.

The series was filmed during the height of a crisis where the NHS insisted on the cancellation of any non-essential operations.

In tonight's episode we meet Tom, 18 who has been in a car crash and experiences difficulties with his memory, and a 22-year-old woman called Sophie who has a severe brain inflammation.

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