Stacey Solomon's baby flew out so fast Joe Swash 'nearly had to catch it like a wicket keeper'

JOE Swash has joked his new baby Rex flew out of mum Stacey Solomon that he nearly had to "catch him like a wicket keeper".

The television presenter opened up about being a dad with his and Stacey's newborn baby son Rex – and told the hilarious story of his he was born.

Speaking on today's Loose Women Joe said: "You [usually] have a little bit of a build up before the big pains come but Stacey’s just came straight away.

"She is such a warrior, she was amazing. It was the weirdest morning of my life.

"Her sister works in the ward next door so Gemma came in…it all happened so fast. Gemma was like, 'I am gonna put the gloves on to help with the birth' and she turned round and it was like a slip and slide.

"We nearly had to catch it…I was like a wicket keeper."

He added: "It took me by surprise as well. I was sitting in bed thinking we had another two weeks left.

"At 6 in the morning, [Stacey] was like, ‘I think it’s happening' and I didn’t take her seriously until she was like [puts on angry voice] 'It’s happening!'"

And Joe revealed with Stacey hard at work breastfeeding through the night, he has been taking the lead in all the cooking and housework.

He added: "At the moment, because I am not breastfeeding for obvious reasons!

"Stacey is breastfeeding for two hours every night, so if I can do a bit of hoovering and do some dinners, that’s the least I can do. Honestly, If you ask Stacey, I could be doing a lot more."

When panellists Kaye Adams, Brenda Edwards, Carol McGiffin and Nadia Sawalha commented on how much Rex looks like his dad, Joe revealed: “I think Stacey is starting to get a bit annoyed ‘cause everybody is like, ‘He looks like Joe’ and she is like, ‘I gave birth to this thing!’

"Seriously, I can’t see it, all I can see is he has got my forehead. He is joining a club of three: me, him and Gordon Ramsay."

Joe, who is already a dad to 12 year-old Harry from a previous relationship and a step-dad to Stacey’s sons Leighton and Zachary, is looking forward to Father’s day this Sunday.

He added: "I have got [Harry] on Sunday so I will have the two boys together. I lost my dad when I was a bit younger and for years, Father’s Day was always something I put away because it brought back raw memories. I am having to recycle the day and embrace it. It’s for the kids."

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