Madison Beer’s "Dear Society" Lyrics Shed Light On How Destructive Social Media Can Be

Madison Beer is giving her debut studio album everything she’s got. The album is due out in summer 2019 and Beer is gearing up for it by releasing the lead track. That track, called “Dear Society,” is all about how the internet and social media feed into a person’s perception of themselves and the world as a whole. Madison Beer’s “Dear Society” lyrics are so relatable and send a message about the powerful and sometimes-destructive nature of social media.

In the song, Beer sings about relying on the internet to get through the day. She basically positions the internet as a lover of sorts and the song takes the form of a love song. So, it’s a pretty interesting take on how people’s relationship with the internet and social media can affect them.

Here’s a look at the first verse:

And here’s the pre-chorus:

The chorus is where you really get the “love song” or, perhaps, "breakup song" vibe. Here’s a look at those lyrics:

The second verse dives a little deeper into the song’s overall message and really homes in on how unhealthy a relationship a person can have with society — from fad diets to feeling like you’re growing up too fast because of images in media.

The bridge delves into how someone can feel when they feel like they’ve had enough of social media, but just can’t quit it because it’s too ingrained in their life.

This moment in Madison Beer’s career is a monumental one. Not that she’s a stranger to the spotlight or anything. She’s been on people’s radar since 2012 when she started uploading videos of herself singing on YouTube. She gained a dedicated following pretty fast and the rest is history. But even still, a debut LP is a huge deal, so Beer has a lot on her plate right now.

Beer has been teasing “Dear Society” on social media for weeks. But now that the whole song has finally been released, you can listen to by watching the music video down below:

Sounds great, doesn’t it? I’m sure her fans are loving every second of this new song and the video that goes along with it!

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