Shoppers brand Fashion Nova’s VERY revealing spandex bodysuit a backwards thong

The leather-look one-piece is cut so high it comes up to the model’s rib cage, with the thin strip of material covering her modesty branded "a piece of floss".

Called the Here For Fun Bodysuit, the £19 ($24.99) one-piece is available in black or red.

Described online as having a ‘high side cut’ – the garment also has a thong back which critics have slammed as simply “painful”.

The barely-there outfit has been roasted by fashion fans on the brand's Instagram.

One person commented: “Have you ever laid eyes upon something that looks this uncomfortable.”

Another added: “She can’t even stand straight cause she will pop out.”

A third said: “We need to stop encouraging these yeast infections.”

And this person suggested: “If you need to floss your vagina…”

Similarly, this person wrote: "Give that vagina some more room to breath through that wedgie string.”

Agreeing, this person said: “I’m in pain just looking at this.”

Seeing as she modelled both the outfits, this person said: “Let’s just take a moment to pray for this models vagina.”

Despite the horrified comments, both outfits have racked up more than 60k likes between them.

If bodysuits are up your street, check out Fashion Nova’s high-cut fishnet version as well.

But if you thought those outfits were bad, there’s one which shoppers compared to a strung ham.

And we can all relate to this mum’s hilarious parody of a lingerie model’s photoshoot (which is how we’ll probably look in these bodysuits).

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