Ashley Graham’s lip kits sell out in FOUR HOURS after model promotes them on Instagram

PLUS-SIZE model Ashley Graham launched a new lip kit on Wednesday, and it sold out in just four hours.

Her first lip kit sold out in just three days, so it’s no wonder she was all too thrilled to release another.

The 31-year-old American took to Instagram to promote the new Never Enough Unapologetic collection, which is a collaboration with Revlon, along with a video tutorial that saw her demonstrating the best way to apply it to your smackers.

Speaking on the video, she said: “I am so happy that you guys loved my last lip kit, I can't believe that it sold out, so I wanted to bring you another one.”

Included in the kit, which starts at £11.45 and is only available in the US, is two red lip colours and a lip liner – and people wasted no time in getting their hands on it.

During the tutorial, she explains that she has been improving her application skills with the help of her makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes, before sharing her top tips with us all.


She said: “Katie Jane has been working with me on my lip liner. She does this whole blending aspect and I’m going to try to do it with you.”

She suggests creating a thick line that extends just outside of your natural lips, before blending it in with an eyeshadow brush. She said: “If you blend it out… if feels juicier. An overdrawn line is kind of cute. She got the juice!”

Then using her finger as an applicator, she puts the second product in the kit, the Ultra HD Matte Lip colour in shade You’re Everything, all over her lips.

Then finally, using the third product, which is an Ultra HD Matte Metallic Liquid Lip colour in shade

Better Than Ever, she dabs it in the centre of her lips to enhance her pout.

She said: “It makes your lip feel super healthy.”

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