Sammy Sosa Says His Son Will Be MLB's Next Big Thing

Move over Vladimir GuerreroSammy Sosa says it’s HIS son who will be the MLB’s next big thing — telling TMZ Sports his 5-year-old boy is legit!!!

We got Sosa out at LAX this past week when he revealed his son, Rolando Sosa, has a sweet swing … and he’s projecting BIG things for him in about a decade.

“He’s going to be good,” Sosa says … “He’s got a good swing.”

Sammy scoffed at the idea of his boy being a pitcher when he grows up … telling us Rolando is built to be a hitter just like Dad. 

As for Sammy’s advice for the young Sosa … Sammy says he’s already teaching him to keep his head still through the strike zone!!!

Of course, Rolando is Sammy’s sixth kid … so the Cubs legend knows a thing or two about how they grow up.

So, see ya at the 2032 MLB Draft?!??!

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