Open Post: Hosted By Santa Hanks Buying Everybody In-N-Out

Contrary to popular belief, Tom Hanks is anything but the nicest guy in show-biz. He proved this recently when he rolled through an In-N-Out in Fontana, California, and purchased artery clogging burgers and fries for everybody in the restaurant. Sure, those people were going to eat that food anyway, but Tom made sure their eventual demise would be hastened by at least 10 milliseconds. Hanks, for nothing, Tom!

According to Vulture, Tom and his wife Rita Wilson stopped in to eat and decided to play Santa/God by paying the tab for the entire restaurant. Tom then got up and took pictures with everybody. He wished them all a Merry Christmas, but inside his heart there was nothing but darkness.

Not satisfied with ruing the breath of every man, woman, and child inside, Tom also stopped outside, reached out his grizzled monkey paw, and paid for the people sitting in line at the drive-thru!

What a sick, sad man.

Pic: Twitter

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