Where is Boris Johnson today and what’s he said about the Supreme Court Brexit result? – The Sun

BORIS Johnson today suffered a dramatic defeat in court after judges ruled his suspension of Parliament unlawful.

The Prime Minister will be facing a barrage of questions from his allies and foes as his Brexit plans derailed. But where is he right now? Here's the latest.

Where is Boris Johnson today?

Boris Johnson is currently attending the UN Climate Summit in New York.

But he could be forced to fly home tomorrow amid the further outbreak of Brexit chaos.

The Tory conference – set to start on Sunday – will now be thrown into doubt as MPs are ordered to make a rapid return to Westminster.

What's he said about the Supreme Court Brexit result?

Johnson dramatically lost his historic Supreme Court battle on the Parliament shutdown as judges ruled it unlawful.

MPs could now be recalled to Parliament as early as tomorrow as Speaker John Bercow said they must return as a "matter of urgency".

The Prime Minister is yet to speak publicly about the dramatic ruling.

He last night ruled out resigning from office – but MPs are today calling on him to step down after the decisive ruling.

A jubilant Corbyn said minutes after the ruling: “I invite Boris Johnson, in the historic words, to consider his position and become the shortest serving PM there has ever been."

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