Seven-year-old girl’s horror burn after falling asleep on charging Samsung phone she took while her parents were napping

HORRIFYING pictures show the burns suffered by a seven-year-old girl after she fell asleep on a charging Samsung phone.

The girl, from a Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, had reportedly taken the phone from her parents while they were napping.

The girl's parents released the images to publicise the incident and warn others of the potential danger.

According to national news outlet Globo, the girl's father, Leandro Alves Ferreira, said that his daughter saw that her parents were asleep and took her mother's smartphone.

She then went to her own room to play on her favourite apps.

She then reportedly fell asleep and dropped the still-plugged-in phone onto the bed, where she slept on top of it all night.

The girl's parents saw the mark on her back the next morning, and at first thought she had simply not washed properly.

“It was not until later in the afternoon that we saw that the mark was getting bigger and we realised that it was from the cell phone,” Leandro said.

“She said she will not do it anymore because she was terrified.”

Footage shows the girl leaning over with a large, rectangular mark in the centre of her back.

The mark is around eight inches long and visibly soar.

Her mother shot the video to warn other parents about the risk of letting children play with smartphones in bed.

During the video, the mother can be heard saying that the model of her cell phone is a Samsung A20.

A spokesperson for Samsung said: "As soon as we have access to the product in question, together with the respective accessories used together, we will carry out a complete examination to determine the exact cause of what happened.”

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