Disneyland Parade Horror: Santa Thrown From Sleigh After Float Collapses: Watch

Disney park goers got quite the scare on December 15 when Santa’s sleigh broke and catapulted him through the air! Watch the now viral video that had patrons in a panic.

Santa went for a frightening ride during Disneyland’s annual Christmas Fantasy Parade on Saturday, December 15. A float containing Santa’s sleigh broke, tipping over and launching the man in red right out of his seat. Thankfully, Santa was equipped with a safety harness that certainly came in handy during the unexpected accident. In fact, Santa was smiling and waving in good spirits as he dangled in the air as he awaited for help from crew members.

“Saw Santa almost die at Disneyland today. His sleigh broke and he was hanging by his harness,” one park goer who witnessed the incident captioned a video on Instagram. Toys and stuffed animals that spilled out of Santa’s sleigh when it tipped covered jolly ole Saint Nick as he dangled above the gasping crowd. And, we have to give the guy credit — he stayed smiling and in character, despite the scary situation.

Luckily, there were no injuries reported from the incident, and the situation was quickly dissolved. As park staff helped Santa down from the broken sleigh, you could hear the crowd of fans at the parade cheering on his rescue. “The applause of people who don’t know what else to do,” a parker goer said in the Instagram video below. Hopefully this didn’t put a damper on anyone’s Christmas, especially the kids. Take a look a the videos some people captured online.

After Santa was detached from his harness, he knew that the show had to go on. So, he walked down the rest of the parade route, which traveled down the Main Street U.S.A. area of the California park, seemingly unfazed by the incident. — Talk about dedication! Disneyland has not yet released an official statement regarding the incident.

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