Love Island helped me beat demons that made me feel worthless, says Amy Hart

LOVE Island’s Amy Hart has revealed the show’s therapists helped her to beat the demons that made her feel worthless. 

The 28-year-old was targeted by trolls who fuelled her insecurities after appearing on the show in 2019.

She told students this week that one was an NHS nurse.

But with the help of the duty of care team behind the ITV2 hit, she has found the confidence she has lacked since the age of four.

And Amy — who is calling for trolls to be made accountable — told how she now wants to confront her attackers on TV.

Counting down to the new series of Love Island on June 28, she told The Sun on Sunday: “I know I’m good enough now. That’s why I feel I’m in a good place to speak out about mental health issues. I’m grateful being on Love Island has given me the platform.

When I went on the show I didn’t realise I’d lived my whole life believing I’m unlikeable, ugly, a failure and not good enough

“I haven’t seen the show’s therapist since October. In some ways I wish I could go back on the show knowing all the things that I’ve learned about myself in therapy since I left.”

Amy added: “When I went on Love Island I didn’t realise I’d lived my whole life believing I’m unlikeable, ugly, a failure and not good enough. I always wore my clothes, my hair and my nails like an armour so people would comment on them being over the top instead of saying something about me. 

“When I left the villa it felt like everything was happening at 100 miles an hour and I got into a dark place because I was so run down. 

“The trolling was also really kicking off, so I asked the ITV team for help. And after working with the show therapist for eight months, I’m now so much more confident.”

Amy, a former BA flight attendant from Worthing, West Sussex, had never had a boyfriend when she signed up to Love Island. But she found herself at the heart of the drama after falling for Curtis Pritchard, sensationally quitting after he abandoned her.

She emerged from the Majorca villa into the eye of a storm which lasted for months. Amy jumped at the chance to speak on the Cambridge Union panel to discuss mental health alongside former Islanders Yewande Biala, 25, and Rosie Williams, 26.

She revealed: “Love Islanders get so much stick for being thick and one-dimensional bikini wearers. So it was nice to have the opportunity to show that we are actually intelligent people in that kind of debate.

“And mental health is such an important topic. I did really struggle when I left the show. One day I was just sitting with my head in my hands, crying.

“Then in March last year I hit a low point which made me realise I needed help. 

“Then I had the trolls. Sometimes things would go into overdrive. 

“And if you are having a bad day and you see something horrible, they can really get to you, which is frustrating because you feel like they’ve won.

“People would say I was fat and ugly, desperate for fame. 

A lot of young people troll because they’re drunk with friends, which shocks me because when I’m drunk with friends, we dance around to Come On Eileen.

“Some would say I should die, that I was disgusting and needed to kill myself — one boy who wrote was only 14.”

On the Cambridge panel Amy called for social media platforms to link accounts to real people, in a bid to curb anonymous hatred. She added: “It’s really important that we call out trolls and ask, ‘Why do you think that’s OK?’ I think a lot of young people troll because they’re drunk with their friends, which shocks me because when I’m drunk with my friends we dance around to Come On Eileen.

“It’s also surprising how many trolls are older people, often married with children themselves. They would feel devastated if their daughter or son received some of the messages I get.

“I want to film a TV documentary where I meet trolls — like the 14-year-old boy who told me to kill myself — and ask them why they do it. Then I would like to talk to his parents about why he is doing it.

“I think it would genuinely make people think twice about what they are doing online.”

WIN: Modelling contract and a love isle hol

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The winners will be selected by a panel of judges who include Rob and his fellow Fomo Models boss Ross McGeown, telly psychologist Emma Kenny and the Love Island contestant Molly Smith, 25, who is a model from Manchester.

She took part in the sixth season of the ITV2 series in January last year.

I’d encourage everyone to enter this competition. It could change your life the way Love Island changed mine, but you’ll never know unless you try

Molly, who has gone on to land a string of lucrative modelling gigs, including a six-figure deal with fashion store I Saw It First, said: “I’ll be looking for someone who is confident and really comfortable in their own skin. That is what should shine through.

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“I get way more compliments on my personality than my looks.

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“Resilience is also really key, as rejection can be challenging.

“Having a realistic mindset makes a huge difference to how you cope with success, or failure.”

So what are you waiting for?

Ts and Cs

To be in with a chance of winning this fantastic prize, simply email [email protected] with SUMMER MODELLING COMPETITION in the subject line, saying in fewer than 200 words why you deserve to win. 

All entrants must include a photograph and any social media details. Competition closes on June 21, 2021. 

UK residents aged 18 and over only. One entry per person. The winners will be selected by a panel. Editor’s decision is final. For full terms and conditions, see

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