I've spent £200 on bras and only sleep for two hours a night – my 2nd pregnancy is horrendous, says Catherine Tyldesley

PREGNANT Catherine Tyldesley says she's only sleeping for two hours a night after being hit by insomnia.

The star has also spent a whopping £200 on bras as her breasts continue to grow during pregnancy.

Speaking on the Made By Mamas podcast, the former Coronation Street actress opened up about her experience the second time around.

"It’s beyond different," Catherine insisted.

"My body, the way I’m carrying her – completely different to Alfie. I’ve just had to spend nearly 200 quid on bras because my boobs appear to have a life of their own. Alfie’s started to call them my udders. Thanks babes. Your body just handles things really differently with a girl.

"I have good days and bad days. The other day, I’d taken my bra off and just sat down for a breather and I saw my boobs just resting on my bump, and I was like, 'Oh my God, what is this?'

"So I have moments like that when I’m almost in complete shock and my body looks unrecognisable, but then I have other moments where I’m just like, 'Wow, I feel really powerful right now and this is amazing.'

"Because it is amazing. And whenever I see other pregnant women, that is my first thought.

"You’re just amazing and I’ve got so much respect for you.

"And actually when I had alfie, I love my training, I’m really into my weight training, you know mentally more than anything, but I was quite proud of myself because after I had him, I gave myself that time, I didn’t do any fad diet.

"I just ate well and gradually started to move more, and my body just was what it was.

"It probably took me a good year to feel like myself again, but I think when we look back in years to come, a year is nothing. Where’s the rush?

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"Their whole childhood will go in the blink of an eye. It’s such a tiny section of our lives. 

On her insomnia, Catherine said: "I'm averaging two to three hours sleep at night. It’s horrendous.

"I don’t actually know how I’m stood up."

Her doctor prescribed diazepam to help her sleep, but she insists it had "zero effect".

Catherine revealed she's expecting her second child with her husband Tom Pitfield in October.

The 38-year-old actress said she is "absolutely elated" to be pregnant with a baby girl – a sister for six-year-old son Alfie.

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