Eurovision hosts left red-faced as Mika makes very RUDE hand gesture in front of millions on live TV

MIKA left his fellow Eurovision co-hosts mortified when he accidentally made a very rude hand gesture.

The Big Girl singer, 38, hosted the event with Alessandro Cattelan and Laura Pausini, who at one point in the epic broadcast tried to teach him Italian hand gestures.

The pair demonstrated the signals for 'eat' and 'what do you mean?', and warned him to be careful as they could easily be misinterpreted for ruder words.

Unfortunately for poor Mika, that's exactly what happened when he tried to imitate their moves during the BBC transmission.

Alessandro said: "You must be careful using your hands, because it takes just a slight gesture to completely change the meaning."

Mika then began to move his right hand before both of his fellow presenters yelled out 'No!' and quickly stopped him.

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The exact meaning of the rude gesture was not explained on the live broadcast however, which was being beamed live to millions across the globe.

"It has a double meaning, check it on the internet," Alessandro cautioned, after putting a stop to the proceedings.

Naturally, social media was soon abuzz with viewers desperate to know what Mika had accidentally said.

One wrote on twitter: "I will not know peace until I find out what Mika's hand gesture meant and why the presenter stopped him it's impossible to Google."

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Another added: "I've no clue what that gesture was, but I love Mika more for it now."

A third moaned: "I don't know how to look it up on the internet so what's the meaning of the gesture Mika did?"

They were soon put out of their misery, however, when an Italian speaking social media user explained what Mika had done.

It turns out the gesture refers to 'dunking the cookie' which is Italian slang for having sex.

They explained: "We call it 'pucciare il biscotto' meaning 'dunking the cookie'."

It turns out, however, that many people would have been familiar with the rarely-used innuendo.

"It's not even that popular as a gesture though, some Italians might not even be familiar with it," added the poster.

Last night's Eurovision was watched by more than 8 million viewers in the UK alone.

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