Denise Welch in angry clash with Loose Women co-stars saying she'll flout Covid rules in 'anarchy' rant

LOOSE Women descended into a shouting match today as Denise Welch launched into a passionate rant against Covid rules.

The 63-year-old actress said she would no longer obey some guidelines after the Matt Hancock cheating scandal was exposed by The Sun.

She clashed repeatedly with Loose Women host Kaye Adams, 58, and even called for "a bit of anarchy".

Denise announced: "I will no longer abide by rules that make absolutely no sense."

When Kaye insisted anarchy would follow if everyone did the same, she hit back: "Maybe there has to be a little bit of anarchy."

Hollyoaks star Denise has long clashed with her co-stars when it comes to Covid restrictions – last week shouting at Gloria Hunniford.

However, many Loose Women fans were shocked today to see the usually friendly debates turn angry.

Denise started by saying: "The rules that I have chosen to not abide by are the rules that to me as a fairly intelligent woman of 63 have not made any sense.

"I will no longer abide by rules that make absolutely no sense."

Kaye reasoned, referring to their co-star Judi Love: "As I said to Judi, that way lies anarchy."

Denise replied: "But maybe there has to be a bit of anarchy."

She later took umbrage at the idea that Covid was the most serious health crisis facing the UK, reeling off a series of stats.

She said: "Kaye, it's no longer the biggest health crisis. We have the vaccine – we have to move forward.

"Eleven people died yesterday, 500 from cancer, 400 from heart disease, 100 from sepsis, 20 from suicide.

"If we continue to be Covid centric we are never going to recover the deaths and the undiagnosed illnesses."

Kaye replied: "I respect your view but at the end of the day I feel that we have no option but to put ourselves in the hands of some experts.

"To be brutal if I have to got to listen to you or Professor Chris Whitty I'm going to go with Professor Chris Whitty."

Denise replied: "Go with Chris Whitty and be in lockdown forever – it's up to you."

Some fans backed her with one tweeting: "Yes Denise! F**king tell em."

But another told her: "Just because you can shout loudest doesn’t mean you’re right."

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