When Does The PUMA X Maybelline Collection Drop? The Street Style-Inspired Collection Is Coming Soon

Wearing leggings 24/7 and calling it athleisure is no longer enough; in 2019, beauty brands are dipping their toes into the world of athletics and putting their own spin on things, too. The launch I’m most looking forward to, if you’re wondering, is a collab between one of my favorite athletic apparel brands and a classic drugstore beauty brand, aka a match made in retail heaven. So, when does the PUMA X Maybelline Collection drop? It’s coming soon to step up your street style game for good.

It’s almost as if every new product from the past couple of years was done in shades of millenial pink, from Rihanna’s Fenty Matchstix to KKW Beauty’s entire range. So for 2019, Maybelline decided to change it up and give us all a new favorite color. The packaging for the PUMA collab is an equally muted, but somehow much cooler, light lilac shade, and I couldn’t love it more if I tried. Between the gorgeous look of the collection and its chic ambassador, Adriana Lima, I haven’t even seen swatches yet and I’m already convinced that I want to buy everything the moment it launches.

Here’s the campaign video, starring Lima herself swiping on eyeshadows and power-posing in her PUMA workout gear:

And here’s the aforementioned lilac packaging, in all its glory:

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INTRODUCING #PUMAXMAYBELLINE ? We're joining forces with @puma to combine beauty and sport, bringing you high-performance products designed for the streets with the stamina to survive the gym. These bold, street style shades will keep your #makeupgamestrong whether you're casually slaying or breaking a sweat. The full collection includes: 5 new #superstaymatteink shades 4 matte + metallic eye duo sticks 1 color + gloss face duo stick 1 new shade of #masterchrome metallic highlighter 1 smudge proof mascara Available online for pre-order in select German ?? + Polish ?? retailers and @superdrug in the UK ??. Check out the dates below to find out when it's coming to your country! ?? Jan 18; ?? Jan 19; ??+??+ ??+ ?? Feb 1; ??+?? Feb 4; ??+?? Feb 6; ??+?? Feb 8; ??+?? Mar 1; ?? Mar 4; ?? Mar 10; ?? Apr 1; ??+ ?? Apr 5

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So, what are we looking at here? The entire line consists of four Matte + Metallic Eye Duo Sticks, one Color + Gloss Face Duo stick, one new shade of the brand’s cult-favorite Master Chrome Metallic Highlighter with gold duochrome and rosy tones, and a Smudge-Proof Mascara. Not too shabby! One thing to note is that the street style-inspired shades themselves are quite bold, so you’ll likely be using them after you put in work at the gym, not during. But you do you! They’ve got just enough colorful oomph to make you stand out even in your workout attire, and according to Maybelline, the high-performance formulas are designed to be long-wearing enough to keep up with even the busiest and most active lifestyles.

They’ve managed to make beauty seem so edgy, which I love:

And of course, Adriana Lima looks amazing in all the products:

"This collection is perfect for women who are always on-the-go," says Lima in a press release regarding why she loves the line. "Everything is multi-functional, and all of the products are packaged in these great compacts. I try to travel light and keep things very practical, so this collection really reflects that."

She also insists that, out of the entire collection, the shadows are the drop we shouldn’t sleep on. "I don’t usually wear eyeshadow on a day-to-day basis, plus I can’t put it on myself like the professionals do!" she admits. "But this Duo Stick is so easy and practical and I’ve been adding it to my routine recently. It’s also doesn’t crease so I can wear it all day long without worrying about touching it up."

Okay, now I need to try these out:

The collection is already up on the Maybelline site to ooh and ahh over, but the products aren’t available just yet. PUMA x Maybelline will drop on different dates worldwide, and Maybelline shared all the specifics in the caption of their Instagram post. The United States launch date is set for February 8, when you can snag these products on the Maybelline website and in select stores.

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