Little boy gets free holidays for 18 years after meeting ‘Will Ferrell’ on plane

A little boy has 18 years of free holidays to look forward after he ran into everyone’s favourite Christmas helper Buddy the Elf on a plane.

18-month-old Wallace Walkden was heading to Kittila with his mum and dad when a Will Ferrell look-a-like dressed in his full Elf uniform made a surprise appearance and started causing chaos.

Before he boarded the plane Buddy went up the escalators in Buddy’s quirky style and took a ride on a suitcase trolly.

After getting onboard the plane at Manchester he played on the plane’s intercom and ran up and down the aisles giving out high-fives before announcing TUI had sent him to give the youngest passenger a Golden Boarding Pass.

The special ticket gives little Wallace a free holiday every year until he turns 18.

After presenting Wallace with his prize Buddy led a big sing-along with all the passengers before leaving the plane just before it was due to take off.

TUI offered the prize to mark the inaugural flight on its new Boeing 737 MAX aircraft.

The film Elf tells the story of Buddy, a human man who was raised by elves after he crawled into Father Christmas’s sack when he was a baby.

He learns the truth from Papa Elf after he struggles to fit into Elf society, and goes to New York on a quest to find his real parents.

Fans watch the film every year, and recently people were surprised to find out about what the actor who plays Michael, Buddy’s half-brother, is getting up to now.

The child star decided to leave the world of show business and now works as a tutor training teenagers to take their university entrance exams.

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