How to clean wedding rings at home

The Repair Shop: Customer brings in her wedding ring

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Wedding bands cloud up over time, giving away their sheen to growing grime, water spots and more. Aside from wearing them less, which many couples will want to avoid, the solution to this is give them a regular spot clean. People can opt for a professional clean if they want, but there are DIY methods to reclaim a shiny wedding ring.

How to clean wedding rings at home

Cleaning a wedding ring can cost £10 or more, depending on the jeweller.

They charge for the cost of using their tools and time and provide the best results.

There are several ways people can reach a similar quality of cleaning at home, however.

Altogether cleaning wedding rings is a task which should only require 30 minutes.

People will need the following ingredients for the process:

  • Warm water
  • Dishwashing soap
  • Toothbrush

Wedding rings will need to sit in a bath of dishwashing soap and warm water for 30 minutes.

Once they have been submerged for half an hour, a toothbrush should clear any offending marks or grime from the band.

They will need rinsing with warm water once more to conclude the process.

People can use this method to clean any ring, whether gold, silver or inlaid with a diamond.

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Can I use bleach on my rings?

Bleach and other chemicals such as chlorine may seem like a no-brainer for cleaning grime.

But while they may be at home in a toilet bowl, these chemicals are too abrasive for wedding rings.

Even substances like baking soda can break down the metal and any inlaid gems over time.

Ultrasonic cleaning

People with extra money who find their rings get dirty constantly can use the ultrasonic method.

Ultrasonic cleaners use sound waves to extract grime from objects without abrasive contact.

These cleaners cost between £40 and £70, and the resulting sheen will rival most jewellers.

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