Bride-to-be's nan SLAMS her gown in Say Yes To The Dress Lancashire

Bride-to-be’s grandmother compares her gown to ‘a pinny for a woman in a workhouse’ on Say Yes To The Dress – and jokes ‘burn it and then I’ll like it’

  • Jodie, from Lancashire, brings her nan Kathleen along to help choose a gown
  • Kathleen slams the detachable skirt and says it ‘cheapens’ the entire dress
  • They will feature in tonight’s episode of TLC’s Say Yes To The Dress Lancashire 

A bride-to-be’s nan puts her dream dress in jeopardy with her brutal comments in Say Yes To The Dress Lancashire.

Tonight’s episode of the TLC show focuses on former pageant queen Jodie, from Lancashire, who is used to feeling glamourous while wearing some incredible dresses. 

She is feeling under immense pressure to find a wedding gown that trumps the lot and turns to super stylist Gok Wan for help.

Only, Jodie is left shocked when her opinionated nan Kathleen slams the detachable skirt of her chosen dress and even goes so far as to tell her to ‘burn it.’ 

‘Going on to get married, I obviously feel like I’ve got a big statement to prove,’ explains Jodie. ‘I really want to be a bridal bride.’ 

Jodie, from Lancashire, turns to Gok for help finding her dream dress in tonight’s episode of Say Yes To The Dress Lancashire. Pictured, the bride-to-be in the chosen Essence Of Australia gown

The former pageant queen brings an entourage along to help – including her super-opinionated nan Kathleen, sister Karla and mother Alison (pictured left to right)

Arriving at the boutique alongside Jodie is her mother Alison, sister Karla, and her super-opinionated nan Kathleen, who in particular is giving Jodie a lot to think about as she’s putting £500 towards her dress. 

Hoping to put her pageant dresses to shame, Jodie wants a stylish, fitted gown with a detachable skirt.  

‘I do not know what my friends and family are going to expect,’ she says. ‘I think they’re going to expect something like big and princessy, when actually what I’m looking for is quite different.’

Kicking things off, Gok wants to see how Jodie feels in a princess dress. But when fitted into dress number one, Jodie voices some reservations. 

‘This is not the dress that I imagine myself in,’ she explains. ‘I don’t feel “wow” in it.’ 

After receiving mixed reactions from her entourage, Gok tries to get things back on track when he picks out a gorgeous, detailed dress that shows off Jodie’s body – and instantly gives her goosebumps.

While Gok wants Jodie to try on a princess dress, she quickly voices some reservations. Pictured in dress number one

Speaking of how she feels in the princess gown (pictured), Jodie explains: ‘This is not the dress that I imagine myself in’

The former beauty pageant queen admits she doesn’t feel ‘wow’ in dress number one – so holds out hope for the following gowns. Pictured, Jodie’s entourage

‘This dress is going on, and I’m just looking down and I’m feeling it and thinking that I’m going to fall in love with this dress,’ an excited Jodie enthuses. ‘It’s everything I imagined and more.’

Seeing herself in it, Jodie bursts into tears of joy. 

‘That’s the one!’ she gasps. ‘But I’m dreading walking downstairs and someone saying that they don’t love this dress. I’d be absolutely devastated.’ 

Downstairs, the nervous bride-to-be awaits to hear what her entourage has to say. 

‘That is exactly what I would imagine for Jodie, she looks amazing,’ her sister Karla admits. 

Despite declaring that she loves the dress, Jodie’s nan puts a spanner in the works when she takes issue with the detachable skirt.

‘Why’s she got that pinned around her? It looks like a pinny for a woman in the workhouse!’ she says. 

‘That cheapens the dress. I’m not paying for that s******g daft thing around the back. How can you spoil that by covering it up?’ she continues firmly, before joking: ‘Burn it, then I’ll like it!’

Jodie isn’t alone with her views on dress one, as she receives a mixed reaction from her entourage, too. Pictured, with super-stylist Gok Wan

Jodie says she’s torn between dress two and dress three – but sticks to her guns. Pictured, dress number three

Gok takes Jodie’s nan Kathleen to choose a dress – and to her surprise, the bride-to-be loves it. Pictured, in dress three

With tensions in the boutique rising, Karla tries to give her Nan some context around the skirt, as an emotional Jodie hits back. 

‘Your opinion can be spoken but it doesn’t really matter that much Nan,’ she says. ‘I love my nan to pieces but sometimes her honesty is just too much!’

Turning a problem into an opportunity, Gok whisks Kathleen away to pick a dress out for her granddaughter to try on, where the pair settle on a stunning sparkly dress with a plunging neckline. 

‘I have to say, Nan’s got great taste because this dress is gorgeous on you,’ Gok says, reassuring Jodie.

And to her surprise, the bride-to-be likes the dress her nan picks out. Her entourage loves it too, but that doesn’t stop tempers flaring up again about the previous dress. 

‘The second one was beautiful but you demised it by putting that plain thing around it,’ Kathleen pipes up again as Gok starts giggling.

As the bride-to-be is torn between dress two and dress three, she decided to stick to her guns and re-emerges for a final time – wearing dress number two.

Despite her Nan shaking her head, Jodie’s mind is set and she says yes to the dress!

The new series of Say Yes To The Dress Lancashire continues tonight at 8pm exclusively on TLC

Following her nan’s brutal comments, Jodie admits: ‘I love my nan to pieces but sometimes her honesty is just too much!’ Pictured, in dress number two

While Jodie’s sister says she looks ‘amazing’ in the dress (pictured), her nan puts a spanner in the works when she takes issue with the detachable skirt 

Jodie’s nan says the detachable skirt ‘cheapens’ the whole thing. Pictured, chosen dress number two

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