Wedding guest's 'tacky' outfit divide opinions with some saying they don’t agree with the ‘unwritten rule’ – but do you? | The Sun

A WOMAN who broke the 'unspoken rule'of attending weddings has sparked an intense debate online – so what do you think?

A snap of a wedding guest wearing a bridal gown to a loved one’s big day has riled up the social media community, reported.

Captioned, “She was ***NOT*** the bride”, the photo was uploaded on the popular forum, Reddit, where the attendee’s decision to break the 'unwritten' wedding guest rule went viral and was slammed for being “rude” and “tacky”.

While there is no rule, dressing in white to a wedding has long been deemed “bad form” by etiquette experts, who claim it “distracts from the bride” on her big day.

In most cases, this is seen as a deliberate move to sabotage or even ruin the ceremony – and more often than not, this act is committed by a “jealous” new mother-in-law or a ex-partner.

This is a stance many agreed with, as thousands took it to comments to lament over the what the guest had decided to attend the big day with – a white lace gown featuring a train and a sparkly silver clutch bag.

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“Who are these people who don’t know about the ‘don’t wear white’ rule? This has to be the best one I’ve ever seen.

''That’s literally a wedding dress,” one commented.

Another agreed, writing: ''Damn, she wore a whole wedding dress. It’s tacky and disrespectful enough to wear white, but a wedding dress to someone else’s wedding?

''Nah, I would have kicked her out the moment I saw her.

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''No one needs that toxicity in their lives,” another user wrote.

“She’s trying to be petty and a b**ch … and it works,'' a third jumped in.

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''These heifers don’t care if they look beautiful, they just want to ruin the bride’s day.''

Someone else thought that the decision to sabotage had most been pre-planned: “It’s definitely a deliberate ploy by narcissistic personalities to divert attention to themselves.''

Sharing their thoughts, others also revealed what they would've done if this happened on their wedding day.

“The proper response would be, ‘OMG that looks so good on you. I am so glad I didn’t wear that dress because then we both would have looked really dumb.’

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''Then turn and wink to your wedding party,” one Redditor wrote.

Some users also believed the ''petty'' move had backfired as she had “humiliated herself” by showing up in white.

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