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WHEN Amparo Macalua was told her husband Peer had an affair with a woman half his age, she thought that was the worst of it.

But, eight years after forgiving him, the mum-of-one was in for more heartbreak – when she discovered Peer had conceived a secret second child.

Despite all this – she insists their marriage is now stronger than ever.

Speaking exclusively to Fabulous Digital, Amparo, 45, from Holywood, Belfast, tells her story…

As soon as I arrived home from a long shift at the nursing home where I worked, I called my husband to tell him how much I missed him.

It was 2005 and Peer, now 46, was in our home country the Philippines – while I was working as a nurse in Belfast.

We had a daughter together and had married in 2001, after four years together.

When I was offered the job, I felt it was an opportunity I couldn’t turn down.

But it meant we were thousands of miles apart and racking up some huge phone bills.

Then one day, six months after the move, I woke to an email from Peer's sister. As I read the words, my mouth gaped open in shock.

She wrote: "Peer has been out all the time, acting like a single man. He’s been having an affair. I’m sorry."

My sister-in-law revealed his mistress was a woman half his age

My stomach lurched and I grabbed the phone to call Peer. When he didn’t answer, I paced the room frantically.

Surely he would never cheat on me? We had such a strong relationship. 

I kept ringing him and, the next day, he finally picked up. "Your sister says you’ve been having an affair," I said. 

He went quiet, then said: "I’m so sorry. It was just sex, nothing more."

"You're never going to see me again," I said and hung up.

For days, I ignored Peer's phone calls and texts messages.

Meanwhile, I spoke to my sister-in-law who revealed his mistress was a woman half his age.

I couldn’t shake the image of them in bed together. How dare he risk throwing away what we had?

But I knew what we had together was special. I realised I didn't want to let such a stupid mistake destroy our marriage.

A week later, I finally returned Peer's calls. He had never sounded so pleased to hear from me.

"If you don’t move over here to try and salvage our relationship, it’s over for good," I told him.

To my horror, they revealed the young woman had given birth to Peer’s child. I worked out he would be 8

He immediately started sorting his Visa and arranged to travel over and join me.

We didn't want to uproot our daughter, who's now 14, so she stayed in the Philippines with Peer's parents.

When I eventually saw Peer, here in Northern Ireland, he burst into tears.

"I’m so sorry," he said. "Please forgive me." Sobbing, I told him he was forgiven.

Peer got a job as a kitchen assistant but, even though we were living together, I found it hard to trust him.

Whenever I brought up him cheating, he was quick to change the subject. 


1997: Amparo and Peer Macalua get together

2001: The couple marry

2005: They have a daughter, who's now 14 and still lives in the Philippines

Later in 2005: Amparo moves to Belfast, Northern Ireland

Six months later: Amparo is told her husband had an affair

Peer moves to Belfast to make things up to her

2013: Ampara discovers Peer has a secret son

She forgives him again

Years later, in 2013, we were finally back on track and travelled to the Philippines to see our family and friends.

We spent the day with a friend of mine from school, Edwin, who apologised and told me he felt partly responsible for Peer's affair.

"I was the one who introduced him to the woman, but she was just a friend," he said. "I never imagined anything would happen between them."

And what he said next made my blood run cold.

"I’m sure he never expected the girl would fall pregnant," Edwin went on. "You’re a good wife to forgive him."

I tried to keep my expression blank and nodded my head, but inside I was screaming. Pregnant? 

My heart thudding in my ears, I pretended everything was normal but barely spoke a word to Peer for the rest of the day.

Even though the mistress and her child were no longer on the scene, I worried she might reappear in the future

As soon as I could, I spoke to my in-laws to see what they knew. To my horror, they revealed the young woman had given birth to Peer’s child. I worked out he would be eight years old.

The family met the boy soon after the woman gave birth, and again when he was three.

She claimed she had no idea Peer was married. Since then, they've had no contact.

"Why didn’t you tell me?" I asked his family, but no-one could give me an answer.

I was fuming. I’d been completely unaware, naïvely thinking everything was fine, while Peer had been keeping this staggering secret. 

Later, I confronted him.  Peer’s face went white and he could hardly get his words out – but told me he had been terrified to admit the truth, in case I left him for good.

All the bad feelings I’d had years before were back, but even worse.

Days later, I finally felt able to talk about it again. "If you had told me at the time, we could have put all of this behind us years ago," I said. "Instead, it’s being dragged up all over again."

I was still so angry and even though the mistress and her child were no longer on the scene, I worried she might reappear in the future.

I told Peer I wasn't sure if I could forgive him and, over the next few weeks, I did a lot of thinking.

The truth was, I couldn’t imagine being apart from Peer. He was my one true love and, apart from the affair, he was the perfect husband. 

He was loving, caring, not to mention a great cook and handyman. I felt lucky to have such a great man. 

"When we got married, we made a commitment to each other," I eventually said. "So I’m going to forgive you." Peer's whole body sagged in relief.


"I am so sorry about that time and I regret it happening.

"I do think our marriage is stronger than ever before.

"At the time, I was in the Philippines and Amparo was in the UK.

"I was unfaithful because I was missing something in my life, a man’s needs, and there were too many temptations.

"It was only sexual, not emotional."

Now, back home in Holywood, Belfast, mine and Peer’s marriage is stronger than it’s ever been.

Our relationship has been tested to the limit and we have overcome such betrayal that I know we can get through anything.

We have been together for 20 years and I think you should fight for your relationship, so that's what I did.

I'm so glad I chose to stay by Peer's side. Everyone makes mistake.

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